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Kate Sloan Explores The Benefits of Stainless Steel Sex Toys

June 04 2017, 0 Comments

More variety in the sex toy industry is always exciting: it means that a broader range of people, with broader tastes and anatomies, will have their needs served by what’s on the market. Diversity and inclusivity, yay! It’s exciting, then, that more and more stainless steel toys have become available in recent years. Steel is truly a unique material among sex toys, that feels and behaves unlike any other toy material. Here are a few of the benefits of steel toys… They’re hard. (Duh.) If you like relentlessly firm pressure on your internal erogenous spot(s), steel is the ideal material...

Bone-Rattling Vibrators for Die Hard Power Enthusiasts

May 20 2017, 0 Comments

The invention of the vibrator changed human sexuality forever. If humanity’s most transformative inventions are fire, the wheel, and the internet, then surely the most transformative inventions in the world of sex have been contraception, vibrators, and… the internet. Vibrators are often represented as an optional addition to sex, some fun icing on the cake – and while that’s the case for some people, others need a higher level of stimulation to reach orgasm and might want a vibe to be involved in all or most of their sexual encounters. This does not make them defective or abnormal – it...

Adult Toys & Products for Navigating Sexual Side Effects

April 06 2017, 0 Comments

Adult Toys & Products For Navigating Sexual Side Effects By: JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead  “Sexual side effects.”  It’s a term that anyone who has ever sat through a commercial for a prescription medication has probably heard but one that frequently goes undefined. Additionally the dreaded “sexual side effects” are often regarded as an insurmountable necessary evil, as if giving up sexual pleasure is the trade off one must make for health. This is so not the case!    So, what are sexual side effects? Usually when we talk about sexual side effects we are talking about these things:  Loss of...

Kate Sloan's Guide to the Best Lubes for Anything You Want to Do

March 19 2017, 0 Comments

  By: Kate Sloan, Guest Blogger There are so many different kinds of lube on the market, and so many fun things you can do with them! Here are some of the most common sex acts, and the best types of lube to use for each... Anal sex: a thick water-based lube, like Sliquid Sassy. Thick lubes last for longer without needing to be reapplied or remoistened, and they’re also likelier to stay where you put them instead of dripping all over the place. Water-based lube is the only choice if you’re planning on using any silicone toys as part...

High Tech Sex Toys That Prove The Future Is Now

March 05 2017, 0 Comments

Living in the 21st century is a better deal than living in just about any other century that came before it. We have access to all sorts of high-tech inventions that make life easier: the internet, motor vehicles, and bifocal glasses, to name but a few! We also – lucky us! – have access to an entire industry of products designed solely to give us pleasure: sex toys. And they’re getting more technologically advanced by the day. Here are some of the coolest high-tech toys available in 2017...  Suction vibrators, like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Womanizer W500 Pro, are an...

We-Connect allows for long distance sexual pleasure

January 15 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever been apart from your sexual partner but wanted to please them (possibly while pleasing yourself)? What can you do aside from phone sex or sexting? Forget about those “old school” methods. We-Vibe, one of the world’s leading sex toy manufacturers, has a mobile app which connects to some of their vibrators. This means you CAN please your sexual partner without them having to even move their hands. Easy to please We-Vibe makes it easy to use. Simply pair the compatible We-Vibe vibrator, such as the We-Vibe Wish, with the We-Connect app. The only other step to getting...

Sex Toy Shopping Mistakes Video from Erika Lynae

January 02 2017, 0 Comments

Erika Lynae is a sex ed vlogger and sex toy reviewer.   Knowledgeable and witty, she always has her audience’s best interests in mind.   We were beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to sponsor her newest video, where she discusses five common mistakes people make when buying sex toys.  Hear Erika’s thoughts on buying sex toys for a partner, why sex toy materials are important, anal toy safety and more in her video below...

Erika Lynae's Sex Toys & Disability Guide

November 02 2016, 0 Comments

Erika Lynae is a seriously amazing blogger.  If you are not familiar with The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae (, you have to check it out. It is full of interesting and informative content focused on sex education. Erika also has a youtube channel with equally captivating content.  This month, we partnered with Erika to sponsor her Sex Toys & Disability Guide. We think that the message in her Guide is an especially important one, and feel honored to have helped bring this product to fruition - although Erika really is the person who deserves the credit. Check out...

Intimate Earth Discover G-spot Stimulating Gel Review by Guest Reviewer, Miss Melly

August 31 2016, 1 Comment

Intimate Earth Review Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel by Guest Reviewer, Miss Melly As a woman who rarely, if ever, experiences internal orgasms I was reluctant to get any satisfaction out of this product. The first time my husband and I used the stimulating gel, he felt a difference in a couple of minutes. The difference was that the g-spot had gotten larger than usual, thus making it easier to locate. We went directly from applying the gel into having sex. I was disappointed because I didn’t feel any difference, but I wasn’t surprised. HOWEVER... We wanted to give this product...

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

August 31 2016, 0 Comments

"It provides really gentle pulsation, as well as a slight vacuum. You need to place the nozzle on the hood and glans of your clit, and let the toy create vacuum. You can add lube inside of the nozzle or just lube up your clit. It might feel really weird at first, but then the circulation will start flowing and good things will start happening." -Wetlandia "EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO OWN THIS TOY! The orgasms were unreal."-anonymous This rechargeable, waterproof love-toy has women praising the intense, quick (and copious!) orgasms that this product delivers. The head is made of medical-grade...



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