Top 7 Toys Every Barbie Needs

"Like many kids out there, I had quite a Barbie collection growing up. My collection included far too many dolls, way too many outfits, a ton of accessories, and of course, a Barbie house. My collection was special: the house and many of the outfits were made by my mom. While my friends all had official Barbie everything, I liked finding a wider variety of accessories outside of the officially licensed ones." - Sydney Screams

Every Barbie needs the cutest, best accessories out there. Even when it’s a horse figurine you find at a gift shop at the Corn Palace gift shop, or the cutest unicorn vibe from your favorite online sex toy store. So if you love everything Barbie as much as I do, here are some of my top bedroom accessories every Barbie needs!

  1. Unihorn Heart Throb - the strong tapping vibrator is the perfect accessory to start with! This dreamy unicorn shaped vibe fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and comes in a peachy pink color that will fit right in at your dreamhouse. Dual motors mean that you can enjoy plenty of tapping & vibrations, together or separate. Imagine handing these cuties out to your best Barbie pals for a Bachelorette party gift!
  2. Vaporator in hot pink - sometimes, every Barbie wants to get a little wild! The Vaporator’s 2 in 1 vape and vibe means that you can puff away between enjoying the intense, pinpoint vibrations without having to grab yet another accessory to use in the moment. If you’re busy playing with another Barbie or Ken, they can hit the top button twice to turn on party mode to keep hitting the vape while vibing you. 
  3. G Squeeze in Pink Sugar - as a Barbie, you already know that you deserve comfortable, pleasurable sex! The G Squeeze is great for every Barbie that needs to do a little stretching prior to vaginal penetration, or wants to enhance excitement leading up to or during sex! The G Squeeze is available in 4 sizes to fit every Barbie’s needs!
  4. Rear Assets Trainer Kit in rose gold with pink jewel - stylish and chic, just like every Barbie out there! This training kit is the perfect way to train your booty for penetration, or to surprise your sweetie by having something eye-catching between your cheeks. This beginner friendly kit is great for a night out or a night in!
  5. The Rose Inya - Barbie doesn’t need Ken to buy her roses, Barbie can get a rose for themself! The air pulse rose doesn’t require you to have a vulva to enjoy, any Barbie with sensitive nipples can also enjoy the Rose’s 10 intensity levels. Every Barbie can enjoy the Rose on their own or with a friend! 
  6. Blush Neo Elite 7.5” Dual Density - this is the perfect dildo for every Barbie for a number of reasons. Want to learn how to deep throat? The long, slender shaft is perfect for pushing past your gag reflex comfortably. Want to strap up to use on a Barbie or Ken pal? The base is perfect to use with an o-ring harness. Want something to take in the shower to ride? The suction cup base makes this a great shower accessory! 
  7. Palmpower Groove Mini Wand - every Barbie needs a good travel wand, and this one is not only cute as heck, but the grooves on the head make this a truly special wand to enjoy! The petite size makes it perfect for traveling, and the rumbly motor packs a lot of power into a cute package. 

If you’ve tried any of these Barbie accessories, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter! @ us your favorite Barbie accessory off the list, or suggest one that we missed.

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