Sex Toy Review: The Vibepad 2

Before I dive in, I need you all to know something really important about me: I love grind pads, grinders, or whatever you want to call them. I got my very first one just over a year ago, and both my girlfriend & I instantly fell in love. I loved watching her use it, I loved getting on top and putting on a show for her, I loved having it in my home & getting asked questions about it by the performers who came to my home to film together.

In this house, we stan grinders.

So when I opened a package from Peepshow Toys and pulled out the Orion Vibepad 2, my girlfriend grabbed the box from me, ran upstairs giggling and shouting, “I need to try this NOW!” We were both really, really excited to try our first vibrating grinder.

What is a grinder or grind pad? They are humpable toys, sometimes motorized, sometimes not, that are perfect for those who enjoy pillow humping, thigh humping, or other means of non-penetrative humping. Some are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, while others range in size up to almost 1ft. There are now grinders that are penetrative, such as the Lust Dual Rider Thrust & Grind AND the VibePad 3 with vibrating G-spot dildo!!!

Now, let’s talk about the Orion Vibepad 2, because that’s really what you’re here to learn about.


  • Fluttering tongue can be used for either clitoral or anal stimulation
  • Remote controlled
  • Two independently controlled motors
  • Great for hands-free stimulation
  • Flexible sides
  • 7 vibration functions per motor
  • Smaller bump has warming function


  • No strap holes for wearing on a thigh for partner play
  • May take a few tries to figure out how it works best for you
  • Only 2 speeds per motor

The first time I tried the Vibepad 2, I had trouble finding my groove. Grinding toy positioning takes exploring! I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but I kept trying and testing it out until I found the best way for me to use it. I placed it on the corner of my bed, which ended up being too soft, then on a chair, which was better but not quite there, and then finally, I folded a pillow in half and put it on top. That’s when it finally worked for me. Meanwhile, my girlfriend, who is a trans woman, found her groove with it almost immediately!

The Vibepad 2 is definitely the largest grind pad in my collection now, measuring in at 11.4 inches long and 8.15 inches wide. I see how they could have made it more narrow, but frankly I’m glad that they didn’t. I think that the flexible sides are beneficial for helping keep it in place when using it on a pillow, as your thighs kind of help it stay in place. If they had gotten rid of those, I don’t know that I’d love this quite as much.

Both of the motors are independently operated, meaning you can use just one or both. Since they’re controlled with a small, rechargeable remote, it’s also easy to change the vibration functions. I wish there were more speed options, as 2 speeds per motor is limited in comparison to other types of vibrators. Personally, I’d trade some of those vibration patterns for more speed options if I could. (VibePad 1 has an extra speed: 3 total steady speeds!)

I really like the shape and size of the bumps, as they’re wide enough to help spread you open if needed, and tall enough that even plus size bodies can still enjoy humping and grinding away. The design is such that the tongue is supposed to flutter against your clit, but as I found out, it can be used in reverse too.

The fluttering tongue really is what sets the Vibepad 2 apart from the original Vibepad by Orion. That design change made it so the Vibepad 2 is fun to use for everybody, regardless of genitals. Enjoy clitoral stimulation? Use either the tongue side or the smooth bump! Love getting rimmed? Grind against that fluttering tongue!

As I’ve found with every single flickering tongue toy I’ve tried, this vibe is better with ample amounts of lube. Lube makes grinding easier and more pleasurable, and it helps that fluttering tongue feel better.

Overall, I really like the Vibepad 2. It definitely gets more solo time usage than it does partner play for me, but you can definitely get creative with it to find ways to use it with your partner(s). For a first motorized grind pad, this definitely set the bar pretty high, and I’m excited to see what Orion will do next!

There are 2 other Vibepads too, we need to check them out!!!

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