Blush's Blooming Bliss Review

If you’re a sucker for cute vibrators, have we got the vibe kit for you! Blush’s Blooming Bliss vibrator kit features two vibrators and the cutest carry-case out there, and trust me when I say that you’re going to want to snag this kit ASAP. 

Right off the bat, I have to say that Blush’s design team knocked this one out of the water. It is the cutest case and kit that I’ve ever seen, with a cactus shaped case and matching vibrators. Even the remote is shaped like a leaf! 

But once we look past the cuteness factor, how does this vibrator kit hold up? I’ve seen a lot of toys that are visually appealing but lack power. So, let’s take a look! 


  • Super cute case also acts as the charging case
  • Remote control for the vibrating egg
  • USB-C rechargeable 
  • Compact and discreet
  • 3 steady speeds on each vibrator
  • 9 vibration patterns on the mini wand
  • 6 vibration patterns on the egg


  • Egg vibe can’t charge while in the sleeve
  • Remote and sleeve don’t attach to the case
  • No waterproof rating 
  • Small size may be difficult to hold, especially when lubed up

Blooming Bliss comes with two vibrators: a mini wand with 12 vibrating functions and an egg with 10 vibrator functions. Each has 3 steady speeds plus vibration patterns. The egg vibrator also includes a silicone fingerloop attachment sleeve, so it can be used internally or externally as a bullet vibrator. The included remote control controls the egg vibrator for easy function change while it is inserted. 

For the mini wand, it was designed in such a way that you can use either end, either with the golden end for a more pinpointed clitoral stimulation, or the silicone end for a wider, less pinpointed stimulation. The vibrations are buzzy, but I felt a difference in how intensely buzzy it felt depending on which end I used. I enjoy some pinpointed pleasure, and I found myself enjoying that pinpoint over the opposite end. The pinpoint was particularly intense when using it on my nipples. 

The egg vibrator is also quite buzzy, though the larger surface area gives it a less pinpointed buzz. You can use the egg either externally as a bullet vibrator or put it into the sleeve for internal usage. The sleeve has some texture, but it’s not very deep nor intense. Personally, I didn’t really notice the texture when it was inserted. I’m really glad that the egg vibrator has a remote control for easy function changing! In fact, I prefer the remote because I can switch between vibration functions easier and faster without having to loop through all of them just to get back to a steady speed. 

To go back to design for a moment, I do wish that the design of the kit included a means of keeping the remote and the egg sleeve attached to the case. This may be a personal preference, but I like having all the pieces easily contained together so I don’t accidentally lose a piece. Given the size of each piece of this kit, I’m a bit worried about traveling with it because I tend to lose small items far too easily. 

That being said, the egg does magnetically attach to the bottom of the carrying case and I even tested it out by tossing it around to see if the egg would stay. I’m pleased to share that the magnetic hold is strong enough that the egg stays attached to the case, as long as it’s out of the sleeve. Once it’s in the sleeve, it didn’t hold quite as well. 

Charging the Blooming Bliss vibrators is very easy! With the mini wand inserted into the case and the egg magnetically attached to the outside, plug this into a USB-C cord to charge both vibes simultaneously. The cord is included, though you will need your own charging block. The remote control is not rechargeable and takes a CR2032 battery. 

When it comes to lube, Blush recommends using water based lube with the Blooming Bliss vibrators. I found that lube made holding the mini wand a bit more difficult than I had hoped, partially due to size and partially due to nerve damage in my hand. The small size meant that if I used too much lube, the mini wand would slip out of my hand if I couldn’t grip it just right. 

To clean the vibrators, gently wash with your preferred toy cleaner then either air dry or pat dry with a lint free cloth. Allow them to dry completely before storing. Because this hasn’t been given a water resistance rating, I’d recommend giving the case and the remote control a gentle wipe down with a damp towel rather than putting them under running water. 

My final thoughts: 

Blush has released one of the cutest vibrator kits I’ve ever seen. I love that this is discreet enough that I can have the case on a bookshelf in my living room, without anyone realizing what’s inside. The Blooming Bliss vibes pack a bit more power than I anticipated, but it’s still gentle enough for beginners. I’d love to see more kits like this in the future, especially if they have a means of attaching all the pieces together so they don’t get lost or misplaced. Overall, I like the Blooming Bliss. I imagine this will be a huge hit as a gift for bridal parties and even just between friends.




Sydney Screams (she/they) is a plus size adult performer, cat parent, and potato enthusiast. She believes in creating inclusive, sex positive content that depicts pleasure in an authentic and fun way, without fetishizing or stereotyping her scene partners. Her goal is to educate her fans, colleagues, and friends that pleasure and love are for everyone, regardless of gender, size, sexuality, disability, or race. Follow Sydney on TwitterInstagram, and her blog.

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