How to Role Play In The Bedroom

Role-playing is the perfect way to ignite your fantasies in the bedroom (or outside the bedroom) with your partner. Whether you’re looking to spice things up or have been thinking about role-play for a long time, it’s an entertaining spin on the norm! 

If you are embarrassed by the thought of playing a different role or believe you need to be dedicated to a character or costume, don’t worry! Role-playing is different for everyone; you can enjoy it at your own speed in many ways.

What is Role-playing? 

Role-playing is where one (or both) of you act the part of a different character during your sexual exploration. You can change the scenery around you, adopt accents and wigs, or even just introduce a sexy strip tease! The sky is the limit as long as both parties are consenting and have discussed their preferences and desires before play.

Many people believe this must be done seriously, but that’s not the case! If you find yourself laughing and having fun, that is a fantastic way to further connect with your partner and have a good time. Sex and this form of fantasy play are all about enjoyment together. You are acting out a fantasy in a safe and happy environment with someone that you trust. 


Why Would You Introduce Role-play? 

For some, it’s something new to try during their exploration with their partner. For others, role-play is a way to try out certain fantasies they have been thinking about for a while. Have you ever read a scene in a book or watched a heated scene in a movie and thought: I wish I could have been a part of that? That’s where role-play comes in!

Role-play can also assist with your confidence. When we play the part of a different character that has mannerisms or speaks in a way we are too shy to embrace, it can help us step out of our minds and into a role that finds it easier to do so! 

Remember, always have a full conversation first with your partner regarding your fantasy and how you’d like it to play out. It can be incredibly fun to build a scene and simply talk about the fantasy with your partner, which in turn heightens arousal and builds anticipation between both of you. Create a safe word with your partner if you need to break character and go through all your desires and expectations for the role-play. In turn, this can bring you closer together. 


5 Ways to Role-play With Your Partner

Scenarios will be different for every couple depending on their fantasies and desires, but if you don’t know where to start - here are some ideas to get your imagination going! 

  1. College Student/Professor: There is no shortage of skirts and outfits that work perfectly for this popular fantasy! Let your imagination run wild as you both have fun serving each other after class. 
  2. Meet outside the house: Perhaps you don’t want all your fun to take place in the bedroom! Build anticipation by meeting each other at a bar ‘for the first time’ as your new characters. Then, extend an invitation back to ‘one of your houses’ for the grand finale! 
  3. Sensual Massage: Find body massage oil and assist your partner with relaxing for the ‘hired’ massage. Perhaps things get a little handsy with the two of you and you can advance from there! Even if you can’t get into character fully, this is a great way to dip your toes in! 
  4. Stripper/Client: Have one of you give the other a sexy strip tease at the club (bedroom) and see where it goes! Embodying the persona of an erotic dancer can help boost your confidence as you try new, sexy moves. 
  5. Boss/Employee: This is another popular choice for those who want to indulge in a power-play dynamic. Remember, the bedroom is a safe place for you to explore these options in a judgment-free zone as long as limits and consent are always in place.


Adding Sex Toys as Props! 

Bringing sex toys in as props during role-play helps set the scene! These adult products help take you out of your mind and into the sensations all around you as you play. 

Perhaps you or your partner are pretending to be a maid and cleaning the house. Adding in a feather tickler and some silk wraps for the main event not only completes the look but adds even more fun! Use the feather tickler to pretend to dust, and then trail it all over your partner’s body while they are restrained and blindfolded! 

If you are going out with your partner, you can also add a Panty Vibe to the party! Dance with the ‘stranger you just met’ and receive some discreet vibrations to get you ready for the main event. These little panty vibrators slip right into your underwear and against your body, delivering powerful vibrations wherever you desire - all controlled by your partner! 

Get Ready to Play! 

Role-play is such a powerful and fun way to introduce new fantasies and sensations with your partner. The person you are sharing this with should be a safe place for you and discussions around scenarios and desires should always happen before a scene is set up. 

Always make sure you have a safe word in place, don’t be afraid of laughter, and have fun on your role-play adventure! 

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