Top Ways to Help Erectile Dysfunction At Home

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men every year and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This common challenge can affect not only your connection with your partner and your pleasure but also your confidence.

ED makes it difficult to have an erection and keep yourself hard enough for penetration. 1 in 10 men will experience it and many times it can be a detector of underlying health issues. If you believe there is a health issue, it’s important to always consult a doctor first before doing anything yourself. 

Thankfully, there are also methods that you can explore at home comfortably and pleasurably if major health concerns have been eliminated!


Body and Mind 

In many cases, ED can be the result of stress, work troubles, or relationship troubles. When we are experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress it affects all parts of our body, including the ability to have and keep an erection.

Doing things to help our mental and physical health can have a positive effect on our sex drive and the ability to get an erection. The following are great things to work on to better body circulation and erectile challenges.

  • Moving Your Body - Exercise is an excellent way to encourage blood flow and keep healthy. 
  • Eating Well - Having a balanced diet helps fuel our bodies and minds.
  • Getting Good Sleep - When we don’t have adequate sleep our bodies suffer and it’s more difficult to feel energized and relaxed. 
  • Breathing Techniques - Meditating and working on breathing techniques can help when we are feeling overwhelmed and want to relax our bodies. 


Penis Pumps 

Beyond taking care of our bodies and minds, there are wellness tools that are meant to help those who have ED. Penis pumps were created to comfortably encourage blood flow through suction pumping. Not only do they assist with getting an erection, but they help with maintaining it and even length and girth. 

There are many different types of penis pumps depending on your preferences and size, so there’s always something that will work perfectly for your needs. These wellness devices are tubes that are placed around the flaccid penis and then pumped (sometimes automatically, sometimes with a hand pump) to the desired intensity. 

Penis pumps are never meant to be painful or cause discomfort. If you experience any sort of unwanted sensations during pumping it’s important that you immediately stop. Pumps can be used daily but should not be used longer than 30 minutes each session - beginners should not use them for longer than 15 minutes twice a day. 

Cock Rings 

Once you have used the penis pump, a flexible cock ring is used around the base of the cock to maintain the erection. These rings secure around the erect penis and restrict blood flow. Not only are they meant to be comfortable and aesthetic, but some rings vibrate for extra sensations and pleasure!

Some cock rings can be wrapped around the scrotum as well (or have a double loop for both). In the end, it’s all about what you enjoy and what works best for you. Cock rings are meant to be snug, but never painful and if you are wearing a condom they should be put on beneath the condom, not above. 


Embrace Your Pleasure 

It’s important to remember that erectile dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed about. Be gentle with yourself, take care of your body, and embrace wellness tools. 

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