What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and How Common Is It?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection, and it’s far more common than you think! ED can be a short-term or long-term problem, and the worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction is expected to increase to 322 million by 2025. (International Journal of Impotence Research, 2000) 

In the end, there’s no arguing that this is a very common challenge for penis owners. Not only does ED affect confidence in the bedroom; but it can also cause a disconnect with your partner and could be a sign of an underlying health condition. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can treat ED and regain your pleasure and confidence in the bedroom. 


What Are Some Causes of ED? 

ED can occur for a multitude of reasons. In some cases, it can be psychological and brought on by stress, depression, or relationship problems. It can also be due to a physical disease, medication, or aging.

It’s important to always consult your doctor so you can rule out or treat any medical conditions that could be the cause of ED. Your health is important and your pleasure is your right, so taking the proper steps to regain your confidence is key.

In many cases, doctors will offer some options and products that you can use at home to help get and maintain an erection if medication and surgery is not necessary. 

ED is often caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis. As we age, more direct contact may be needed to ensure proper blood flow is in place to maintain an erection. This is why penis pumps and cock rings are often recommended for at-home treatment! 


What Are Some Treatments for ED I Can Do At Home?

If a serious medical issue has not been located by your healthcare provider, there are some treatments that you can try at home to assist with your ED challenges! 


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are tubes that you place around your penis that secure comfortably against the body. They provide a suction effect that promotes blood flow to the desired area and helps you get an erection. These sexual wellness devices can also help you maintain an erection for longer than normal for penetration. 


Bathmate Hydromax 

The ultimate penis pump. Bathmate Hydromax pumps use water pressure to evenly distribute penis enlargement, enhancing both length and girth. This pump allows for optimal pumping control without discomfort and can easily be used in or out of the bath or shower. 

These pumps come in different sizes depending on your erect penis size. Be sure to measure appropriately so you can utilize your pump the way it’s intended. 


Penis Rings

Once you have pumped and have your erection, cock rings (or penis rings) are a great way to keep your erection longer. These stretchy rings secure around the base of the cock and can be put on after pumping. They restrict blood flow, keeping it where you want it most so you can penetrate without worry.

Beyond being comfortable, some penis rings vibrate and offer other pleasure options and sensations. These are perfect for adding a little something extra during sex and can feel incredible for both parties (as well as helping with keeping your erection longer). 


Silicone Cock Ring Trio By Je Joue 

Three ring sizes in soft, stretchy silicone, the Je Joue Cock Ring Trio is for different experiences. It's made to let you select between sizes for different sensations: Je Joue says this set is less about the size of your penis and more about how intense you'd like the ring to feel. 

The Cock Ring Trio includes 3 rings: minimum, medium, and maximum stretch levels. All are super-soft silicone that's a pleasure to wear.

Fun Factory NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring

Fun Factory designed the Nōs vibrating penis ring for simultaneous pleasure: hands-free clitoral orgasms during sex. This C-ring is stretchy silicone with two wraparound wings, to sit on top of the penis and grind against. Featuring a teasing "Flirt" setting with variable rhythms, plus 4 other intensity levels, the Nos cock ring has two separate motors!

The Fun Factory Nos' ring includes elevated grooves, to put comfortable pressure on the penis and help maintain longer, harder erections. Its stretchy silicone will fit most wearers.

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