Anal Probing for Beginners

Anal play is not something new in the world of toys. Whether it’s vibrating, rotating, curved, or bulbous - there is no shortage of incredible plugs and toys ready to deliver! But for those who are looking for deeper, fuller play than a plug provides, there are options to take things to the next level. 

When you reach further and further into the anal cavity with toys, it provides opportunities to experience different levels of pleasure. The colon has an array of nerves that can be massaged, teased, and probed. For some anal enthusiasts, it can be a fun experiment to see just how deep they can go during self-penetration. When gentle pressure is applied internally, many report a more intense orgasm.

But remember, just because there are pleasure points and nerves that deep does not mean you will not experience discomfort or pain if you don’t properly prepare for that level of anal play. 


Cleaning The Rectum Before Play

Using an enema before play may also help prevent injury, especially when paired with lubrication and slow, patient exploration. This tool is filled with lukewarm water and is inserted just inside your anus. Once squeezed gently and carefully, the water will be held for up to 30 seconds inside you before releasing into the toilet. 

After you use an enema, it’s recommended that you wait an hour or two before play to ensure your butt has time to fully recover and the water has been removed. 


Always Use Lubrication

No matter what you are doing anally and no matter how shallow or deep you’re looking to go: Use lube! This is not an area of the body that self-lubricates and even with the mucous membranes, it’s not enough to comfortably support anal play.

If you are using a toy, ensure that the lubrication you choose is compatible with the material of your toy. We only recommend using body-safe toys for any form of exploration and silicone toys are best paired with a water-based lubrication. 

Use as little or as much as you like, but never be afraid to add more if you feel like you need it. Take a break, remove the toy, and reapply whenever you feel that discomfort. Be patient and be slow, listen to your body every step of the way. 

You may also enjoy a lube injector, which is inserted just inside the rectum and is filled with your choice of lubrication. These can be used to prepare the anus before insertion and allow you access to more lubrication without having to slowly re-apply. 


Slowly Move Up In Size

You never want to move up to a toy that is larger than what you are used to until you’ve properly prepared. This area must be trained and we always recommend simply starting with a finger. From there you can move up to a training plug that you like and start looking at the next step up.

NEVER use a plug or anal toy that does not have a flared base larger than the widest point on the toy. For deeper probing, the toy must also have flexibility as you do not want to risk tearing, irritation, or a major injury. 


Finding the Right Toy

If you’re looking to just start anal toys, a training kit is the perfect way to dip your toe in. These kits provide different sizes so you can start training yourself and enjoy different lengths and widths of plugs before moving up to anal probing dildos. 

We then recommend going for a skinnier silicone depth probe so you can start to get comfortable with going deeper than a plug. These probes come in different thickness levels and lengths so you can find the one you are most interested in. You know your body best!

If you want something tapered, but thicker, there are depth training probes that allow for a more filling experience overall. They are thicker, cone-shaped, and flexible to work their way inside you with ease.

There are so many fantastic tools for depth training, but you must ensure they do not fold on themselves (are too soft), have a flared anal-safe base, and have some sort of taper to them for optimal comfort. 

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