Penis Head Vibrators: Why & How-to Use

Vibrators are great for penis stimulation too, sending waves of resonant frequency through sensitive tissue.

So why use a penis head vibrator, vs. a vibrating penis stroker?

Penis head vibrators—also called glans vibrators—work my focusing on the head or glans penis, which is packed with nerve endings! By aiming a vibrator right on top of it, or moving a vibrating stroker over the glans, you'll be making contact with sensory nerve endings all around. The glans and its corona (ridge) are supplied with sensation via the dorsal nerve, forming a 3-D network of connecting nerve branches. Essentially, your penis head is rooted in pleasure 🌳 

We'll cover 3 vibrators for penis stimulation, and how to use them for best effect. 

Top 3 Penis Head Vibrators

Our top penis vibrators are body-safe materials that don't get grody over time; they're waterproof; and they're USB rechargeable.

"Your New Fave Penis Vibrator": Best open stroking vibrator, easy-grip handle. Its textured silicone wings deliver sensation to to the corona and frenulum. Hold it at the tip of your penis, and grip the handle while rocking your cock head, gently back-and-forth. 6 steady vibration functions + 4 patterns of vibration.

Maximum Bullet Vibrator: Best frenulum or corona vibration. This potent lil vibrator includes a soft silicone ring, so it'll strap right on to literally any penis size. The Maximum Bullet is best placed parallel to the penis wearing it, so the bullet vibrator's tip ends right at the frenulum area (underside of the penis, right below the head). Alternately, you can strap it to the front of your penis if your coronal ridge is more sensitive! Max. Bullet has adjustable intensity, for a wide range between the lowest and highest power settings. 

Fun Factory Manta: Most multi-purpose, for stroking or BJs when held by a partner. The Manta's targeting, flicking tips kick! It's awesome if you like focused stimulation of the glans because it can wrap right around and flutter hard on both sides. Or, ask your partner to hold it at the bottom of your penis while they spend time on your penis head and upper shaft during a blowjob.

Tips on Enjoying Penis Head Stimulation

If you're used to fuller coverage (penetration where the whole penis is being stimulated on repeat), it may take a few sessions to adjust to the greater focus that glans stimulation provides. Is it worth the adjustment? If you're looking for different feelings and enjoy exploring, then absolutely yes. Our tips for better penis head play, and how-to use a glans vibrator:

  • Move slower, and enjoy: Focus on the feelings you're receiving.
  • Recognize your favorite spots. Different penises have different nerve bundle locations and amounts, and you may be more or less sensitive in different spots. Do you like or dislike: urethral stimulation, frenulum stimulation, coronal stimulation, etc.? Stroking the back of the shaft, or hard pressure at the base?
  • Apply off-and-on pressure, with shaft strokes in between. For some cocks, a focused vibrator like the Manta may even be overstimulating. Instead of letting the targeted tips stay at the frenulum, for example, you may want to stroke up and down, or pause between applying pressure.
  • Use lubricant! Silicone toys are almost always better with a few drops of compatible lubricant:

Best Lubricant for Penis Vibrators

Water-based and hybrid lubricants are compatible with all glans vibrators & penis vibrators at Peepshow Toys. These types wash off easily, even off of silicone sex toys, and are simplest to clean up. Hybrid lubricants will typically dry out less quickly vs. pure water-based lubes.

Oil-based lubricant is amazing for slick stroking, no drag. It does require more cleanup if you're using Coconu inside a soft silicone masturbator: an extra minute or two of scrubbing with soap and water, once your session's done. 

Above all, enjoy exploring!!

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