Bringing More Pleasure to the Bedroom with Penis Pumps

Despite what you might have heard, sexual wellness products are not just for solo play. Many of them are used to pleasure all parties involved, and penis pumps are no different! Aside from their incredible aid with ED challenges, these pumps are perfect for bringing more pleasure to the bedroom for partners and couples. 

Introducing a penis pump to your pleasure routine may be daunting at first, but it’s easier than you think to utilize the benefits of a pump and find one that’s perfect for you. 


What are Penis Pumps? 

Penis pumps are vacuum devices that assist in not only maintaining an erection but give the user a temporary boost in thickness and length. In cases of erectile dysfunction, the encouragement of blood flow to the targeted area helps the penis get hard and stay hard. Still, even if you have no issues with getting hard, penis pumps are a great way to add more pleasure to sex and masturbation.

Penis pumps are readily available, and we have comprehensive guides to ensure you are educated and feel comfortable every step of the way. They also come in different styles, sizes, and intensities to fit your preferences perfectly.

How Can Penis Pumps Bring More Pleasure in the Bedroom? 

You do not have to have erectile dysfunction challenges to find use in a penis pump. A great many people use it for pleasure with their partners. Not only do penis pumps help with maintaining an erection for longer during penetrative sex, but many who use them report an even more powerful orgasm with their partner after using the pump. All of this contributes to more confidence in the bedroom.

Beyond all this, penis pumps provide the user with a temporary boost to their girth and length (anywhere from half an inch to a full inch on average). Depending on your partner, having extra length and girth in the bedroom may enhance their pleasure experience as well.

How Do I Pick The Right Pump?

With so many different sizes and pumps to choose from, it can be difficult to nail down the perfect pump as a beginner or someone returning to pumps. Thankfully, we’ve done the work in researching and testing the main players in the game to help with the process. 


Bathmate Hydro

The Bathmate Hydro7 was the world’s first water-pressurized penis pump—allowing for easy expansion results. This high-quality pump uses water to create a vacuum and can add up to 2 inches length. Bathmate pumps produce instantly visible increases and can increase stamina too.

With a 92% customer satisfaction rate, the Hydro7 is one of the most consistently popular penis pumps on the market. The water-powered technology is 250% more efficient than air-pressurized penis pumps.

Made of certified skin-safe materials, the Bathmate Hydro7 is perfect for use in the shower, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. 

Use for between 5 and 15 minutes per session, up to 5 sessions per week, to begin to see gains in penis size. Most users see long-term size gains after 1–2 months of regular pumping with a Bathmate.

Bathmate HydroMax

The ultimate penis pump. Bathmate Hydromax pumps use water pressure to evenly distribute penis enlargement, enhancing both length and girth. Improved comfort pads avoid pinching, plus allow for a stronger seal & better results.

The Bathmate Hydromax line delivers 35% more pressure than Bathmate Hydro pumps. This high-grade pump can be used with one hand only and doesn't require complex assembly.

Made of durable polycarbonate plastic, Bathmate pumps are high-quality and skin-safe. Each Bathmate pump is FDA-approved.

Bathmate HydroExtreme 

One of the most effective pumps on the market, the Bathmate Hydroxtreme gives more control & consistent progress.

Hydroxtreme water-pressurized pumps offer 250 times more suction than a standard air pump. Water pressure distributes penis-size gains more evenly, for girth and length enhancement.

The HydroXtreme's handball mechanism can be squeezed in smaller or larger increments, more precisely. See your gains as you pump through the measuring gauge, as the upgraded comfort pad maximizes suction.

This complete enhancement kit includes (1) the hydraulic Bathmate pump, including hose with connector & handball; (2) a comfort insert pad; (3) a measuring gauge; (4) a shower strap that supports the pump's weight; (5) Bathmate water-based lubricant; (6) a carrying case; (7) a security lock; (8) a complete user guide to penis pumping; and more.


What Size Pump Works for Me? 

It’s beyond important to find a pump that is sized perfectly for you so you can have the best experience possible. When sizing for your penis pump, consider the following:

When measuring, you have to know your *current* erect penis size and girth, not the max you have achieved with a penis pump. This allows for room to grow! For instance, if you are up to 5” erect, the Hydromax5 allows for ample room to grow, but the Hydro7 will be a bit too large for you.

If you find that your penis presses against the sides of the pump or the top of the pump while erect and before pumping, the penis pump is too small for you and you must size up.

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