A Guide to Gräfenberg Orgasms | G-Spot Pleasure

Earth shattering orgasms anyone? That's what's promised when we hear about G-Spot orgasms. They're not as elusive as they once where, thanks to greater accessibility of sex education and toys made for G-Spot pleasure, but G-Spot orgasms are still very much in demand. 

What is the G-Spot?

The textured, spongy area is located a few inches into the vagina on the top wall is the g-spot. Like a lot of erogenous zones, it can become puffy when you’re aroused. Likely part of the clitoral complex, the g-spot is associated with squirting or female ejaculation and the statistically elusive vaginal orgasm. G-spot orgasms can sometimes be intense because of how reactive the pelvic floor is. 

How do you find the G-Spot?

Author and sex blogger Tawney Seren helps you navigate how to find the female G-spot. It’s a bit of clockwork and your G-spot is the north star. No more jackhammering your sensitive bits during play.


Here are just a handful of methods in seeking a g-spot orgasm: 

  • Fingering, most often performed with the classic “come hither” curling motion, or firm, circular massaging using fingertips. 
  • Penetrative sex, especially when thrusts are shallow or angled for maximum g-spot impact. Preferences vary, but as the g-spot swells, it tends to tolerate firmer pressure; quick, targeted thrusts to rub/“milk” the g-spot seem most commonly effective. Sex furniture can be used to enhance thrust angles. 
  • Clenching around bulbous toys like kegel balls or plugs resting against the urethral sponge (the area around the g-spot.) 
  • Use g-spot vibrators and g-spot dildos. Generally, curved toys with relatively inflexible bodies work best. This can also be done with firmer toys that have curved lengths or prominent swells:

The Njoy Pure Wand

Uberrime Splendid 

Blush Wellness G Curve 


BMS Pillowtalk Sassy

Noje G Slim 


For more on g-spot stimulation, see Kate Sloan’s post here on the Peepshow Toys blog.

    For even more on a-spot orgasms, check out How To Find Your A-Spot With A Sex Toy by Kate Sloan. To discover different types of pleasure, read Types of Orgasms by Betty Butch.


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