How To Find Your A-Spot With A Sex Toy


In a culture that still questions the existence of the G-Spot, it's hard to introduce yet another mysterious "spot" into the conversation. And yet, there are so many important erogenous zones yet to be discovered and popularized - so it's important that we carry on looking for them and talking about them. Even if the sex-negative media tells us these spots don't exist or don't matter!



by: Girly Juice

In a culture that still questions the existence of the G-spot, it’s hard to introduce yet another mysterious “spot” into the conversation. And yet, there are so many important erogenous zones yet to be discovered and popularized – so it’s important that we carry on looking for them and talking about them, even if the sex-negative media tells us these spots don’t exist or don’t matter!

One such area is the A-spot, also known as the anterior fornix or “deep spot.” Reportedly discovered by Malaysian scientist Dr. Chua Chee Ann, the A-spot is an erogenous zone deep inside the vagina on its front wall. According to its discoverer, A-spot stimulation creates fast and intense sexual arousal, and promotes increased vaginal lubrication. Anyone accustomed to finding a partner’s G-spot will be able to find their A-spot by just sliding a few inches deeper inside.

The A-spot, however, presents some challenges that its cousin the G-spot does not, because it’s located right in front of the cervix. Cervical stimulation is a no-go for most people, as that area is usually sensitive to pain and less so to pleasure. So anyone seeking to stimulate the A-spot must be mindful of the cervix, and that might mean going more slowly and gently than you’re used to.

Toys are super useful for A-spot play, particularly if you’re trying to reach your own spot: it’s buried so deeply in there that you might not be able to access it with just your fingers. Avoid toys with drastic curves made for G-spot stimulation, like the Pure Wand; they’ll stop short of the A-spot. You ideally want something as long as, or longer than, an aroused vagina (about 5 inches), that is straight for most of its length and then has a slight curve near its tip, enabling it to slide up in front of the cervix and stroke the A-spot. The tip should also be somewhat slender or tapered, even if you’re used to girthier toys, so it doesn’t bump into the cervix.

The Tantus Tsunami, for example, is a great dildo for A-spot stimulation, because of that slim, tapered, gently curved tip. At 6.75 inches, the toy is long enough to reach the deeply-buried spot, but that delicate tip keeps it from bashing into the cervix, so long as you’re careful. Something like the Crystal Delights smooth dildo or Fun Factory Patchy Paul could work too: as long as a toy is at least 6 inches long and has that small, curved tip, it’s likely capable of reaching this elusive spot.

Whether you’re seeking your own spot or hunting for a partner’s, your approach and technique should be the same. It might be helpful to start with fingers, if yours are long enough, so you can feel what you’re doing and get a sense for where the spot is, in relation to other vaginal landmarks like the G-spot and cervix.

If you get a good reaction, you can move on to using a toy. Lube it well, because the slicker it is, the better it’ll feel and the more freedom of motion you’ll have. Slide it inside as far as it’ll comfortably go, while pressing it gently toward the front wall of the vagina, to keep it out of the way of the cervix and in constant contact with the erogenous zones on that wall. Once it’s all the way inside, tilt the toy’s handle slightly downward (toward the butt) so that its tip will tilt slightly upward (right into the A-spot). Then, experiment with different types of movement. Some A-spots like steady pressure, some like small in-and-out thrusting, some like broader motions; there are infinite variations, and finding the ones that work best is a fun adventure in and of itself!

Combining A-spot contact with clitoral stimulation is fantastic, particularly if the former is new and unfamiliar to you. It’s always helpful to pair new sensations with familiar pleasures, because it creates a mental association that can help imbue that new sensation with ecstasy in your mind. Plus, combining different types of stimulation just feels good!

If your partner is stimulating your A-spot, or you’re stimulating theirs, make sure you keep the lines of communication open the whole time. You don’t have to give moment-by-moment updates if that feels unnatural, but if something starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable, make sure that message can be quickly conveyed and acted upon.

It’s important to remember, too, that not every supposed erogenous zone is indeed sensitive for everybody. If you go hunting for your A-spot and find that it doesn’t feel like much, that’s okay! Don’t feel bad or “broken”; your tastes and preferences are unique to you and that’s fine. Just focus on what does give you pleasure, instead!

Have you discovered your A-spot? Is it a source of pleasure for you, or just discomfort? Got any tips to share?

Many thanks to guest blogger Girly Juice, a sex writer & educator, who prepared this comprehensive article on how women can find their "A-Spot" with a sex toy. 

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  • Rob

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