Find Your G-Spot with your Fingers & Sex Toys | Where is the G-Spot?

Having a hard time locating your or your partner's G-spot? Sex author and blogger Tawney Seren breaks down the steps in this video, with recommendations for toys that can heighten G-spot pleasure.

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Hey, everyone. I’m Tawney, I’m here with PeepShow Toys and today we are going to learn how to find your G-spot. So if you have been trying and trying to find this elusive G-spot so that you can obtain the best internal orgasm and you’ve been having some trouble, let’s kinda go over it.

So first of all - What is the G-spot, where is it? So the G-spot’s located about two and a half inches within the vagina. The best way to find it will be when you’re laying on your back with your legs in the air to provide that deeper insertion. Pretend like your belly button is 12 o’clock. You’re going to want to go towards your belly button. So you’re going to go this way [gesture at 0:44] while you are laying on your back, about 2 and a half inches and curl your fingers upward [gesture at 0:49]. The reason it’s really hard to find is because it’s back there right under the urethra on your vagina walls. You’re gonna feel kind of a little bit of a difference in texture internally and it’s almost like a little ball when you’re stroking it.

At first you might just feel a pressure or almost like you have to pee. This just means it’s not time for you to cum yet in that position and you might need a little bit of toy stimulation or a bit more teasing before your body registers that this is pleasure and you’re not trying to urge yourself to go to the bathroom. So definitely make sure that you are making a come hither motion [gesture at 1:26] with your fingers. Just doing this [gesture at 1:28] and jackhammering your vagina to try to find the G-spot is not going to work. So if you had fingering experiences where the person is fingering you or you’re fingering yourself and you’re not finding that G-spot,  and you’ve just been king of using this forward and backward motion, stop.

Take a deep breath. Relax and enjoy yourself lay back and explore your body. Just dip your fingers in and in and do a very very slow come hither motion towards your belly button if you're laying on your back. It's the easiest way for you to locate your own G-spot. But, I will say some women still have a really hard time finding it on their own because of the angle of your body. It’s kind of awkward to play with yourself like that.

But thankfully I found some wonderful wonderful toys through PeepShow Toys that are going to help you find that G-spot if you have some issues there. Or if you're like me and you're just not a fan of fingering, it's not something that can really produce an orgasm for you, I've got a toy so that you can caress that G-spot and have your orgasm as well. If you're looking to get that little extra stimulation with your partner or yourself or just looking to amplify the experience of your G-spot journey these are the three toys that I would recommend from PeepShow to do that.

Recommended Toys

Recommended Toys for G-Spot Stimulation. Find the G-Spot


In order of appearance (1) Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator(2) Blush Novelties Noje G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator(3) Blush Hop Rave Rabbit Rechargeable Dual Stimulating Vibrator

First we have the Aria Magnify. So this is a Blush product. And all the PeepShow toys are very body safe so you don't have to worry about getting that plasticy porous material. Let me show you just how curved this toy is [demonstrates at 3:05]. So it's thick and it's curved much like I was telling you with that come hither. You can see it’s kind of mimicking the curve of your fingers as you are able to stroke the top of that G-spot. This is a wonderful toy, it's also a bit thicker than some of the others so if you want to get that full feeling you can get this guy here. Also it vibrates so once it’s settled against your G-spot you're gonna feel that deep rumbly vibration. It’s a sensation you might not be used to but just take it easy. Don't let it freak you out if it's something you're a bit uncomfortable with, just enjoy yourself and explore your body. This is a great great toy to get those different speeds and also have just a very simple design. There's nothing sticking out of this. You know, you're just using that G-spot stimulation. So this is a great one just for G-spot stimulation.

Another that's one of my favorites - this one’s also from Blush, strangely enough, all three of these toys are from Blush and are just wonderful for G-spot stimulation. So this is the Noje. it’s got 10 vibrating functions. It’s also got the deep rumbly vibrations. The difference between these two toys - this one’s obviously slimmer [comparison at 4:17]. It’s got a very prominent head, this is really for G-spot stimulation. This one’s that smooth silicone so it's a bit of an easier process. But if you want that concentration and you wonna learn exactly what it feels to have that deep rumbly vibration right on your G-spot, the Noje is a wonderful toy to use for that.  So that’s two.

Last but certainly not least, this toy didn’t only win my heart and my body, it certainly won over my G-spot. So what we have here is the Hop Rave Rabbit also from Blush. The wonderful part about this toy, as you can see [demonstrates at 4:58] it does have the G-Spot little curve here for stimulation, it's very G-spot friendly. But - [turns on vibrator at 5:07] - oh yeah! It rotates. It rotates so good, and it's a slow kind of easy rotation much like playing with your fingers [demonstrates at 5:16]. As you can see all of these toys are just mimicking the feel of the fingers or just mimicking what it would be like, playing with your G-spot. You can even get the rumbly vibrations here as well.

So these three toys - you have the Hop Rave Rabbit if you want extra stimulation maybe you're comfortable with G-spot orgasms and you want to also throw in a clitoral orgasm [demonstrates at 5:45] in a little bit of that fun rotating there, without having to play with it [your G-Spot] yourself this is top. if you want something that's really concentrated, this is for your G-spot you don't want to rigorously play with that, you just want to set it in and explore, then definitely the Blush Noje. And then if you kind of want a thick shaft and you want that smooth insertion and you’re both wanting to use that rigorous thrusting motion as well as feel the G-Spot stimulation, aah, the Aria Magnify is for you.

Definitely check these out. They are wonderful, they are beautiful and they're going to help you find that elusive G-spot. But before you touch any toy, get to learn your own body. Try it out yourself [with your fingers] and just enjoy. It's a wonderful sensation. It's a wonderful magical spot that a lot of people don't try to find. You may find that you enjoy the orgasms from your G-spot more than any other. I hope you have a happy hunt, thank you so much!