Kate Sloan's Beginner's Guide To G-spot Toys

If most of your masturbatory explorations have been limited to your clitoris, it’s easy to feel intimidated by internal erogenous zones. There are so many to keep track of – the G-spot, the A-spot, the posterior fornix, and the perineal sponge, to name a few – that it can feel like you have to memorize a whole anatomy textbook before you dare to dive in!

But G-spot play doesn’t have to be that complicated, I promise. Here are a few tips for beginning your journey toward G-spot pleasure with the help of sex toys...

Prepare wisely. G-spot stimulation can feel like a sudden need to pee, so it’s a good idea to empty your bladder beforehand and lay down a thick towel for your own peace of mind. G-spot sensations tend to feel much better when you’re relaxed rather than tense and nervous, so anything you can do to chill yourself out is sure to improve the experience.

Get super turned on first. When aroused, the G-spot swells up and becomes more receptive to touch. If you find it uncomfortable to have your G-spot touched, it should help substantially if you get extremely aroused beforehand through whatever methods consistently work for you: porn, erotica, fantasies, your own fingers, a partner’s mouth, a vibrator, or whatever you like.

Use a firm toy. The G-spot tends to respond best to deep, firm pressure – as opposed to the hyper-sensitive clitoris, which often prefers a lighter, more nuanced touch. Toys made of hard materials, like wood, glass, and metal, will be able to provide the unrelenting pressure the G-spot craves. However, don’t feel bad if your G-spot likes softer sensations instead; maybe intense stimulation just isn’t your jam, in which case, a squishy silicone dildo might be a better bet.

Combine it with things that already feel good. When introducing yourself to a foreign new sensation, it’s always a good idea to explore it alongside reliable old faithfuls. Maybe you’ll use a vibrator on your clit while playing with a G-spot dildo, or have a partner go down on you while they massage your G-spot with their fingers. Whatever you know works for you, use those things to your advantage!

Experiment with vibration. Not everyone likes internal vibration – some G-spots just prefer steady, solid pressure – but it’s worth a shot, to figure out what you like. Deeply-buried erogenous zones like the G-spot tend to prefer rumbly vibrations, like those found in the Lelo Mona 2 or We-Vibe Rave. And if you find that G-spot vibration isn’t your favorite thing after all, you can always use the vibe as a non-vibrating dildo and/or use it externally, so you’ll still get your money’s worth.

Focus on pleasure, not orgasm. Don’t psych yourself out by expecting G-spot stimulation to feel orgasmically amazing right away. It usually takes time for a new sensation to register as pleasure, especially when you’ve been getting off reliably in other ways for a long time. If you concentrate simply on whatever pleasure you’re able to get from your G-spot, rather than the orgasms you think you “should” be having from it, then you’ll enjoy yourself more, whether or not an orgasm happens.

Have you explored your G-spot before? What are your favorite G-spot toys and techniques for using them?

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Peepshow Toys would like to thank sex writer, podcaster and speaker Kate Sloan, of girlyjuice.net, for authoring this blog post.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as us! 

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