A Guide to Penis Orgasms | Penis Pleasure

Penis pleasure can happen in myriad ways, read more about reaching climax for penis havers.

How does the penis orgasm happen?

Penis orgasms start to build when the penis becomes erect. Blood fills tissue in the shaft, while veins in the penis squeeze shut producing an erection. The scrotum and other muscles in the body become tense.

Then, a series of muscle contractions that can cause involuntary movements leading to an orgasm, with or without ejaculation.

How to build the penis orgasm?

The glans (or head) and the base of the penis are the most sensitive, but everything – from the urethral opening to the inguinal canals behind the testicles – can be used to create orgasms. Penis-based orgasms do not have to involve ejaculation. Some oft-traveled routes to penis pleasure include:

  • Oral, including licking, sucking, taking part or all of the penis into the mouth, and combinations of all three. As with mouth stimulation of other genitals, the best oral for penises depends on the person – but, generally, it’s all about consistency and repetition. Even humming and very gentle teeth scraping are potential additions. 
  • Hands for gripping, rubbing, and stroking. Speed and pressure preferences for this vary, but generally as orgasm nears, a fast pace is preferred. 
  • Grinding your penis on soft or slick surfaces like other genitals, limbs, the bed.
  • Penetrating another person and either thrusting, grinding, or being massaged by the receiving orifice. Much like stroking your penis by hand, penetration envelopes the penis in pleasant pressure, and allows you to move for further stimulation. 

What toys help achieve a penis orgasm?

Penis toys like masturbator sleeves, pumps, or  sex furniture


Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump


Doc Johnson Optimale Beaded Silicone Stroker Sleeve


Control by Sir Richard’s Silicone Twin Turbo Stroker with Vibration & Heating Functions



Toy by Kate Sloan. To discover different types of pleasure, read Types of Orgasms by Betty Butch.


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