A Guide to A-Spot Orgasms | Deep Vaginal Pleasure

Cervical and Anterior Fornix (or “A-Spot”) Orgasms, also called the deep spot orgasms, provide deep intense pleasure for vagina havers.

What is the A-Spot?

Reportedly discovered by Malaysian scientist Dr. Chua Chee Ann, the A-spot is an erogenous zone deep inside the vagina on its front wall.

Within the recess that’s next to the cervix and on the front wall of the vagina is the anterior fornix. The a-spot is soft and springy.

Where do you find the A-Spot?

Anyone accustomed to finding a partner’s G-spot will be able to find their A-spot by just sliding a few inches deeper inside.

Whether you’re seeking your own spot or hunting for a partner’s, your approach and technique should be the same. It might be helpful to start with fingers, if yours are long enough, so you can feel what you’re doing and get a sense for where the spot is, in relation to other vaginal landmarks like the G-spot and cervix. A-spots usually respond best to gentle (not firm!) rubbing pressure.

What does A-Spot pleasure feel like?

According to its discoverer, A-spot stimulation creates fast and intense sexual arousal, and promotes increased vaginal lubrication.

The A-spot, however, presents some challenges that its cousin the G-spot does not, because it’s located right in front of the cervix. Cervical stimulation is a no-go for most people, as that area is usually sensitive to pain and less so to pleasure. So anyone seeking to stimulate the A-spot must be mindful of the cervix, and that might mean going more slowly and gently than you’re used to.

How do you stimulate the A-Spot with a partner?

Penetrative sex in positions that compress the vagina, including doggy style and on your back with your legs to your chest. This allows for deeper penetration. Because these areas are further back and more sensitive, consider starting with deep, slow, minimal thrusts that keep continuous, massaging contact with the cervix or a-spot.

How do you stimulate the A-Spot with toys?

Use toys that are long, mostly straight with a curved or bulbous tip stimulate the A-Spot:


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For even more on a-spot orgasms, check out How To Find Your A-Spot With A Sex Toy by Kate Sloan. To discover different types of pleasure, read Types of Orgasms by Betty Butch.


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