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JoEllen Notte (also known as the “Redhead Bedhead”) is a luminary in the world of sex education.  Her website, The Redhead Bedhead, is committed to content that focuses on “Sex, Mental Health & How None of Us Are Broken.”  She has achieved what we, the founders of peepshow toys, strive for - that is, serving as a positive voice for changing the way the world thinks about sex.  

JoEllen will be presenting at the Guelph Sexuality Conference (external link) in June, and speaking on “FACING THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED: A CONVERSATION ABOUT SEX AND DEPRESSION.”  We urge you to check out her website The Redhead Bedhead (external link)watch her origin story here (external link), and read a piece she published on our site, Adult Toys & Products For Navigating Sexual Side Effects



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