Stroking, Poking, and More! Toys For Penis & Prostate Pleasure by JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead

JoEllen Notte's Stroking Poking and More! Toys for Penis & Prostate Pleasure

There’s no question that these days, sex toys are big business, bringing in $15 billion annually with projections that it will surpass $50 billion by 2020. That said it can often feel like… Well, what’s the opposite of a sausage party? A taco fest? A clam jam?  Whatever it is, the sex toy world can feel like that. With seas of pink in and purple toys promising clitoral and g-spot bliss, toys for penises and prostates can feel like the industry’s redheaded step children. As a redheaded stepchild myself, I understand this feeling! So today we’re going to look at some fun toys for bringing the penis and prostate pleasure! 

Cock Rings

Cock rings are typically worn around the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles (the choice is yours!) to restrict the outgoing blood flow, producing stronger erections and helping to maintain erections longer.

Let’s start at the very beginning with basic stretchy rings. My biggest recommendations here are the Tantus Beginner C-Ring and Advanced C-Ring (It’s smaller and thus tighter than the Beginner) For more advanced users rings made of steel or wood can be also be fun but exercise caution, never use one  that is too small, or combine a solid ring with a medication like Viagra, as you can't get the ring off if you can’t get soft. 

If you want a little more from your ring, check out  C-Sling from Tantus, Blush Stay Hard Loop C-Ring, or Verge Vibrating Silicone Rechargeable Penis Ring by We-Vibe, all of which are designed to stimulate the perineum during wear. When it comes to cock rings, one of the most fun new products on the market right now is Bootie Ring Combination Silicone Cock Ring and Anal Plug which is designed to deliver stimulation to multiple erogenous zones at once. 

There are also a TON of rings designed to stimulate the clitoris of a sexual partner, sound interesting? Check 'em out!

Masturbators & Sleeves

Masturbators and sleeves (sometimes referred to as strokers) are pretty simple: they are toys into which a user inserts their penis and, well, masturbates. After years of strokers and sleeves that amounted to “genitals in a can” made out of mystery materials, things are finally starting to look up for penises everywhere. Today’s products are made with body safe non-porous materials and some have cool features that rival even the snazziest vibrator on the market. 

For simple strokers check out Doc Johnson’s Platinum Silicone TRUSKYN line has some great ones including the Tru Stroke Beaded and Tru Stroke Ribbed both are silicone and feature an open side that makes clean up a breeze.

For something a bit more high tech, Hot Octopuss is the company to check out. Their PULSE III toys use oscillation to provide stimulation, they are rechargeable, waterproof and do not require an erection to use (that’s right, they can deliver an orgasm with no erection!). The PULSE III SOLO is designed solely for masturbatory use while the PULSE III DUO features a remote control and external vibrations designed to stimulate a partner. 

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are sex toys whose design allows them to provide stimulation to the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. As the prostate is positioned just in front of the rectum, prostate massagers are inserted anally. 

Often prostate massagers feature a tapered tip and a rounded head- this makes insertion comfortable and helps to locate and stimulate the prostate and some, like the Helix Syn by prostate pleasure rock stars Aneros, also feature an external stimulator intended to massage the perineum. Some massagers like Fun Factory’s Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator or Tom of Finland’s Prostate Vibrator also offer vibration which can be a nice addition to your prostate play. 

While larger prostate massagers may seem daunting and thus “advanced”, a larger toy like Prostate Play Vibrator by Tantus can be a great choice for new toy users as they can make the prostate easier to find. Using a smaller massager, like the Aneros SGX, can make locating the prostate gland a bit trickier but it can prove worth the hunt by delivering a more intense experience. Additionally some users enjoy the extra weight and firmness of a steel prostate toy like the Njoy Pfun Steel Prostate Massager or Njoy Pure Plug.

These days there are more toy options than ever for penis and prostate pleasure - we’ve only named a few here! So, go take a look, see what tickles your fancy and have some poking and stroking fun with toys of your own! 

Peepshow Toys would love to thank JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead, for this guest post.  JoEllen is a luminary in the world of sex education.  Her website, The Redhead Bedhead, is committed to content that focuses on “Sex, Mental Health & How None of Us Are Broken.”  We urge you to check out her website The Redhead Bedhead (external link)watch her origin story here (external link), and read her other published piece on our site, Adult Toys & Products For Navigating Sexual Side Effects

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