Why You Should Try Fantasy/Monster Dildos

What is a “fantasy dildo”? The definition is in the name: it’s a dildo that caters to a fantasy. More specifically, erotic fantasies of monsters, inanimate objects, mythical creatures, etc. 

People have been obsessed with sexy creatures for as long as monsters have existed in our storytelling. From god-turned-beast sex stories in Greek and Egyptian mythology, to the romanticizing of classic movie monsters, to the f*ckable aliens and creature-people in blockbuster superhero and scifi franchises. We love fantasizing about the monstrous and fantastical. 

To answer our thirst for the fascinating and fictional, sex toy makers (like Uberrime and Hankey’s Toys) have created fantasy dildos fit for fans of mermaids, werewolves, and Guillermo del Toro’s various masterpieces.  

But you don’t have to be an enthusiastic monster fucker to enjoy fantasy toys. There are numerous reasons people use fantasy toys, both imaginative and practical. 

Experiencing something different. 

The sex toy industry is huge, and sex toys themselves are plentiful and varied. That being said,  most sex toys stay within pretty standard designs: petite bullet vibes, semi-realistic dongs, butt plugs with gem bases… If your collection already covers the basics, you might have found yourself yearning for something that stands out. 

Fantasy dildos aspire not just to provide you with pleasure (like any sex toy), but to set themselves apart both visually and functionally. Tentacles, alien dicks, dragons – standing out is the whole point! You don’t have to find aliens or tentacles erotic to see the appeal of an otherworldly toy like the Uberrime Xenuphora. Its foreign shape, sucker cup details, and unique colors make it an art piece as much as a sex toy. 

Playing with texture.

Realistic dildo designs are mostly limited to head shape and vein details for texture. Abstract or non-phallic dildos are often pretty streamlined to give them broad appeal. Fantasy dildos, however, are specialty designs. They’re modeled after monsters, aliens, inanimate objects, etc. Their shapes are often literally otherworldly. 

The glass Icicles No 24’s curled tentacle shaft is lined with nubs and ridges. The Dragon XS has wide plates up and down its length. The Uberrime Night King is lined with raised whorls. These details provide unique internal (and external, if you’re into frotting!) stimulation. 

Exploring wider/deeper penetration. 

Many fantasy dildos are bigger than your average toy. For example, the average dildo or penis is about 1.5 inches in diameter, and Davy’s Tendrils is over 3.5! That’s a hefty difference! Some people enjoy the sensation of being stuffed full, and many monster dils offer that experience. Just be mindful to size up safely!

Similarly, fantasy dildos are often longer: the Venomous Tongue and Davy’s Tendrils both have sizes that are over 14 inches long. Depth play (traveling past the sigmoid bend) can be intense but pleasurable. Fantasy dildos aren’t ideal for depth beginners (smooth, featureless toys like the x are ideal) but once you’re comfortable? Wow!

To celebrate your nerdier interests. 

Decades ago, it was weird to like superheroes, video games, or technology. These days, with fandom juggernauts like the Marvel cinematic universe, Game of Thrones, Animal Crossing, and Apple’s latest gadgets, pretty much everybody’s got at least a few nerdy interests. 

Fantasy toys tend to draw their inspiration from creatures and properties we’re already obsessed with. The Hankey’s Venomous Tongue, for example, might remind you of a certain antihero symbiote with an appetite for eating bad guys. What better cherry on top to a night at the movies than bringing them into the bedroom after? 

Role playing or indulging sexual fantasies. 

Fantasy dildos make some of our most outlandish desires a little more tangible. For example, maybe you’ve daydreamed about being probed or impregnated by an alien, having (or being fucked by) three cocks simultaneously, or getting inquisitively plundered by a tentacle monster. With a good imagination and some body-safe silicone, you can. 

Fantasy toys don’t just have to be for solo play, either. They can be incorporated into role play with your partner(s). The addition of a blind fold can make it surprisingly easy to pretend you have an armored monster cock, especially if you groan and growl while you’re using it on your partner.

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