Squirting Vulvas, Ejaculating Dildos, and Lots of Lube: How to Make Your Sex Wetter by Phallophile Reviews

Squirting Vulvas, Ejaculating Dildos, and Lots of Lube: How to Make Your Sex Wetter 

by: Phallophile Reviews

Wetter is better...it’s a cliché, but for good reason. Fluids make sex comfortable, and they can make it kinkier too. 

Here are few entertaining ways you might add a splash to your sex life!


There’s a lot of fiery debate over the wetness of female ejaculation, often called squirting. So let’s this out of the way first: What is squirting? (And does it matter?) 

Many authorities agree that it might be—at least partly—urine. Others claim that the substance produced has a distinct chemical signature: higher levels of glucose (giving it a sweet taste), as well as the enzyme prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Confusingly enough, though PSA is produced by the prostate, it’s also found in people with vulvas—most likely secreted through the Skene’s glands (on opposite sides of the urethra). 

So yeah, sure, maybe that porn star is actually peeing rather than ejaculating—but what’s true for one isn’t true for all. And either way, who cares what squirting really is? The sensation is universally seen as pleasurable, so there’s no reason to hold back—especially when there are awesome products out there to help keep your furniture spotless. If you want extra, above-and-beyond-the-usual-towel kind of protection, Exxxtreme Sheets are totally fluid-proof rubber, while Sheets of San Francisco are a polyurethane-polyester blend (for a more sheet-like feel) while also being fluid-proof. (I hear they’re great for wax play too!)

So what do you do if you don’t currently squirt and want to try it out? 

The surest way is to apply intense, focused G-spot stimulation. You can achieve this through toys like the Njoy Pure Wandwhose stainless steel bulbs have been known to induce squirting in many folks—or with the fingers of a willing, patient partner. Either way, you’re looking to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, several inches in. (The exact distance will vary person to person.) For best results, of course, always communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t. 

As you experiment, it’s important to relax and not feel stressed about doing anything at all; instead, just focus on the sensation. Feeling like you might have to pee is normal; it typically passes with continued pressure. Finally, many people need to remove whatever’s in their vagina and push down with their pelvic floor immediately before the point of orgasm in order to eject fluid.  

And though G-spot pressure is great, clitoral stimulation is helpful and necessary for most vulva owners! Some may even find they can squirt from clitoral stimulation only. (Get out your fave bullet or wand vibe?)

Remember that, in the end, pleasure is more about the experience rather than demanding a particular result. There is no one best orgasm that fits everyone’s needs all the time. Squirting orgasms are just another avenue to explore.

Ejaculating Dildos

If it’s ejaculation of a more phallic variety that gets you going, then squirting dildos offer all kinds of possibilities: multiple ejaculations, the ability to cum upon command, bukkake play, cuckolding fantasies, or just adding ejaculation into your sex life stress-free.

Most standard ejaculating dildos are highly realistic—and, sadly, also made of porous materials. But the POP Dildo by the Semenette and Fun Factory has a streamlined shape (great for very focused G-spot stimulation!) and is made entirely of body-safe platinum silicone. 

These dildos have a hole down the middle of the medium-firm silicone. Run the included silicone tubing through, then assemble the bulb and plastic tip and fill ’er up!

POP Hybrid Lube, which has a milky consistency that’s more semen-like. But if you’re looking for a more forceful, spurting ejaculation from your POP Dildo, then I strongly recommend a water-based lube instead. And hey, if you want to ejaculate piña colada or other fun flavors, you now can.  

Speaking of lube...

Lots of Lube

Last but not least, adding more lube is the most obvious way to make sex wetter. Please, don’t be that guy who asks, “What’s wrong with spit?” as either a vaginal or anal lubricant. (Several things, actually!) 

This blog already has a great article on “The Best Lube for Anything You Want to Do,” so check that out for specific recommendations. In general, I recommend:

  1. Sliquid H2O, Good Clean Love, and Sliquid Sassy as water-based lubes (which are safest with silicone toys);
  2. Sliquid Silk for a longer-lasting hybrid lube;
  3. Uberlube or Pjur silicone lubricants if you want something extra-long-lasting and you’re not using silicone toys; or 
  4. The Butters if you want a nice, thick oil-based lube that’ll last—it’s especially great for anal play.  

So those are my top ideas for adding more fluid-filled fun to your bedroom! I hope that my thoughts on squirting experiments, cumming dildos, and lube testing have gotten your juices flowing.


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