Hands-On Learning! My Favorite Sex Ed Books AND Products to Put Your New Knowledge Into Action by: JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead

I love learning about sex! It’s one of my all-time favorite subjects to geek out about. Here’s the thing: sex ed books often leave you with a lot of fun stuff you want to try out and I recognize that not everyone’s home contains the ridiculous amount of toys, lubricants, and other sexual paraphernalia mine does (seriously, it’s like a small pop up shop in there).  So, today we’re talking about some awesome sex ed books and great products to grab to get right down to action after reading!  

Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty by Joan Price

I recently got a message from a new friend asking me to PLEASE write something about sex later in life because of the unique needs bodies face as they age (and because of society’s horrid habit of desexualizing mature folks and marking sex as for the young). Now, I’m not really qualified to speak on sex over 60 (get back to me in 25 years) but you know who does an AMAZING job with the subject? Joan Price. Check her (and this awesome book) out! 

Recommended products:

Hot Octopuss Pulse III - I recommend this one A LOT - and with good reason. This revolutionary masturbator doesn’t require an erection to use, meaning that folks dealing with erectile dysfunction can still experience orgasm! The Pulse III comes in two models: the SOLO is designed for, you guessed it, solo play, while the DUO model is designed to be used with a partner - fun for everyone!

Sliquid Satin - Satin is a lubricant that also functions as a moisturizer, making it ideal for folks dealing with vaginal dryness. 

 by Elle Chase


Curvy Girl Sex is relentlessly relatable, beautifully body positive, endlessly educational and, seriously, just wonderfully done. Don't let the title fool you, this isn't just a book of sex positions and it is certainly not just for girls (curvy or otherwise). Addressing body image, self love (and self lovin’), sensuality, sex toys, erotica, and more, CGS has something for people of all genders, sizes, and physical abilities. BONUS: there’s a HUGE section of resources for further learning, Curvy Girl Sex makes a fabulous addition to any nightstand! 

Recommended products:

Liberator Wedge - Whether you are a larger person, someone with back pain (like me!) or other physical challenges, or just wanting to explore some more fun positions the Liberator Wedge is a fabulous positioning tool. It makes things 

Magic Wand Rechargeable - Wand style vibrators are my favorite in general - they are strong and (for me) do the orgasmic trick. But Elle recommends them specifically for larger people due to the length of the handle (bonus!)

The Adventurous Couples Guide to Strap-on Sex by Violet Blue 


So, let’s cut to the chase, this book is basically good for cis-het couples who are interested in exploring pegging and it’s REALLY good for them. Including history, anatomy, myth busting, shopping guidance, and, yes, how to actually do it, The Adventurous Couples Guide to Strap-on Sex contains just about everything you will need to know about pegging plus some stuff you may not have thought about.

Recommended products:

Tantus Silk dildos The smooth shapes, gentle curves, and graduated sizes (available in small, medium, and large) make these dildos ideal for easing in to anal play.  

Bend Over Beginner Strap-on Harness Kit BONUS-  this kit actually includes the small and medium versions of the Tantus Silk dildos I just talked about!  

Also, lube! You should pick up some lube. Possibly The Butters, as it’s rich, creamy, sooth and anal toy use is a great time for an oil-based lube!

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino


Tristan Taormino makes anal play super accessible. If you’ve never tried it and are curious I recommend this book as a starting point. Tristan the indisputable authority on all things anal but she conveys information in a manner that would put even the brand newest of beginners at ease. 

Recommended products:

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel - This is one of my all-time favorite lubes. Its thick formula is wonderful for anal play as it provides an extra layer of cushioning that thinner lubes just don’t. 

NJoy Pure Plugs - Pure Plugs come in three sizes (small, medium, and large), and are made of steel making them glide easily. They can be a lovely choice when you’re just starting out with anal play that (BONUS!) you’ll probably still love as you get more experience. They are just quality plugs. 

Fun Factory Bootie - I had to sneak this one in too! Perhaps the best butt plug for first timers EVER the bootie has a gentle curve, smooth silicone, and a comfortably-shaped base (why do people keep putting round bases on butt plugs?!). I recommend the Bootie all the time.

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink by Midori

There are lots of books on kink out there but I like this one because Midori’s a smart cookie whose writing is witty, intelligent, and accessible. Wild Side Sex goes beyond how-to (though that is certainly there) to look at the philosophy and psychology of erotic power exchange providing a deeper understanding to folks of all levels as well as comfort, guidance and acceptance to BDSM beginners. 

Recommended products:

Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System - Want to play with restraint but not ready to deal with all the knots and whatnot that come with rope? It doesn’t get easier than this. Set it up under your mattress and you’re good to go! The restraints are easily tucked out of sight but accessible when you need them. Bonus: 

Fun Factory BÜCK DICH Silicone Dildo Paddle - Okay, to be fair, finding a fun paddle you like is really the point, I just LOVE this one. Silicone (you can boil it!), with a different texture on each side, and a dildo handle, the Bück Dich is a blast. Also the name means “bend over” and I don’t think I’ll ever stop finding that funny. 

Okay folks, you’ve got my suggestions, now go do some hands on learning! 

Peepshow Toys would love to thank JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead, for this guest post.  JoEllen is a luminary in the world of sex education.  Her website, The Redhead Bedhead, is committed to content that focuses on “Sex, Mental Health & How None of Us Are Broken.”  We urge you to check out her website The Redhead Bedhead (external link), watch her origin story here (external link), and read her other published pieces on our site, Adult Toys & Products For Navigating Sexual Side Effects and Stroking, Poking, and More! Toys for Penis & Prostate Pleasure.

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