A Guide to Clitoral Orgasms | Intense Non-Penetrative Pleasure

You don't need to even take your clothes off to experience the intense pleasure that comes from the clitoral stimulation, a popular form of pleasure for vagina havers.

What is the Clitoris?

The clitoral glans (that is, the part of the clitoris that protrudes) is often mistaken for the sum of the clit; it is, in fact, just the tip of the iceberg. The clitoral complex is a sizeable root that extends for several inches into the body, straddling the vagina with spongy tissue that swells when aroused.


Bodies experience pleasures differently, some feel pleasure when different parts of the clitoris are stimulated. The crus clitoris connects to other parts of the vagina, and these deeper legs of the clitoris can be reached through vaginal stimulation, firm vulva massages, and rumbly vibrations. 

What does Clitoral pleasure feel like?

Clitoral orgasms can range from pithy little “pops” of sensation, to full body waves of pleasure.

How do you stimulate the Clitoris with a partner?

Both the outer and inner portions of the clitoris can be engaged to build into an orgasm. Anything from hands, mouths, soft or hard objects, a partner's limbs and penetration can bring pleasure to the clit, if done right. Applying the right amount of pleasure and pattern of movement makes a huge difference:

  • Oral, especially when performed by flattening out your tongue and lapping at a middling pace (the ideal ice cream licking speed.) Some clitorises respond to steady sucking or light nibbling, too. 
  • Using two fingers to surround or pinch the glans clitoris and clitoral hood while making back and forth movements stimulates the most sensitive areas and activating the corpus cavernosum.
  • Straddle and grind against appealing surfaces such as a partner’s body, a pillow, some sex furniture, the lip of a tub, or even toys like the Enby. 
  • Teasing. Some super sensitive clitorises respond to a more gentle touch and only need light stimulation of the surrounding areas and erogenous zones to reach orgasm.

How do you stimulate the Clitoris with toys?

Most vibrators are created for clitoral use (or internal use, in which case they can still be used externally.) Toys from other categories can also get the job done, like wands, air pulsation toys, and oscillators:





BMS Factory Pillow Talk Racy Flexible G-Spot or Clitoral Vibrator


Tenga Iroha Plus Kushi Silicone Vibrator

Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Waterproof External Vibrator

Blush Noje Quiver Pinpoint Vibrator with 2 Attachments

Zumio Oscillating Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator


For even more on different types of pleasure, check out Types of Orgasms by Betty Butch.


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