7 Fun Things to Improve Your Sex Toy Collection

Sex toys can be a really big deal. They allow you to explore sensations you’d otherwise never know, like vibration or air pulsation. They provide new and unique ways to be intimate with a partner. For some people, sex toys are indispensable affirmation tools, accessibility devices, or confidence boosters. 

But sex toys are fun, too. They can lighten the mood, inspire you to venture outside your sexual routines, and allow you to explore your most wonderfully weird fantasies. Sex toys can make you laugh just as much as they make you moan. 

Looking to add some fun to your sex toy collection? Here’s a few suggestions: 

1.) Cute toy designs. 

Sex toys are so much more than realistic dildos and single color vibes. There are toys modeled after ice cream cones, penguins, and pot leaves. There are confetti and pride flag dildos and tie dye butt plugs. Kinkier connoisseurs can find collars with graffiti art, wax play candles that look like foxes, and rose ball gags

Collecting toys not just for their features, but for their aesthetics too, helps keep your toy box from feeling stale. Pretty, interesting, or quirky designs can be great ice breakers. It’s a lot less intimidating to get down to business when business involves a smiling hippo vibe

2.) Glow in the dark toys

“Glow-in-the-dark sex toys are – unsurprisingly – pretty popular. They can help you better navigate sex with the lights off, but – more importantly – they’re fun. Not just because they’re silly, but also because they’re hot. I really enjoy watching a dildo’s glowing core sink into my partner’s cunt in the dark,” I wrote in my review of the Neo Elite Dildos

And it’s not just dildos! Wrap your cock in a whimsical glow by using a Firefly stroker. Giggle over the sparkling base of a glow-in-the-dark butt plug, which will illuminate the way when you’re finagling the toy into place. Slap on some pasties and perform a teasing dance in the dark. 

Glow-in-the-dark sex toys bring a youthful, nostalgic element to sex. They’re a great way to set a playful tone for your next nighttime adventure. 

3.) Toys for coupled use

Any sex toy can be used by couples, but there are numerous toys designed for shared, simultaneous use. There’s sex furniture that makes some of your favorite sex positions more comfortable, and helps you explore new ones. Shared vibrators and remote and/or app controlled vibes help spread the love. Strap-on harnesses, wearable dildos, and penis sheaths offer unique penetration possibilities. 

Double the pleasure, double the fun! (Or triple, or more.) 

4.) Temperature sensitive toys. 

Steel and glass are both temperature sensitive materials. This means you can place them in a bowl of either cold water or warm water, and after a few minutes they’ll take on a cooler or warmer feel. That might not sound particularly revolutionary – but trust me, a chilly dildo on a hot summer night makes a big difference! 

The cold side of temperature play can cause a lot of squirming and giggling. The warmer side can feel seductively intimate; warm toys take on a life-like quality. Either way, it can be a lot of fun. 

Besides temperature sensitive materials, there are some toys that incorporate warming as a function. Some examples include the Satisfyer Heat Penis Vibrator, Lush Iris Thrusting Rabbit, and FemmeFunn Marley Warming Vibe

5.) Animal tail butt plugs

Wiggles and giggles abound when somebody’s wearing a cute tail! There are tails modeled after bunnies, ponies, puppies, and more. Bounce around, begging for a breeding, as a cute rabbit boy with a soft purple tail. Prance with pride as a black-tailed unicorn. Exchange tricks for treats as an exuberant puppy – what a good girl! You can even start a scene as a dragon shapeshifter, later defending your treasure hoard with the biting flick of your multipurpose tail

“Erotic role playing is a creative medium through which people can express themselves, try new things, and explore aspects of their sexuality that might otherwise go unexamined,” I pointed out in 5 Ways You Can Role Play in Bed. “Although on the surface you’re pretending to do or be something or someone else, it’s also a way to experience new levels of intimacy and vulnerability with your partner(s). You can learn a lot about someone through the veneer of the characters and roles they play.”

Not a fan of insertable butt toys? Try the SquarePeg Show tails. They loop onto your belt with a leather sling. All the fun without any of the penetration. 

6.) Sex games

Sex toys aren’t just pleasure products – there are games too! From simple dice to help you decide what goes where, to boardgames that literally lead you to bed. Sex games can lighten the mood and help get you into a sexy headspace. If you ever find yourself struggling to go from Netflix to chill with an equally eager partner, a game might be a better choice than binge-watching Marvel movies


7.) Fantasy monster dildos.

Whether you’re a fan of scifi, fantasy, or horror, or you’re just looking for something a little weird to shake things up…. monster dildos can be delightfully strange and fun. Peepshow Toys carries monster dicks, aliens, monster tongues, tentacles, werewolves, and dragons

Some folks are squicked by the “animalistic” look of many fantasy toys, and that’s okay! You don’t have to be into everything to be sex positive. But for many of us, the non-human element of fantasy and monster toys is what makes them so appealing. Some sexual assault survivors or transmasculine folks find abstract or fantasy dildos less disconcerting than realistic penis dildos. Some people are just turned on by the idea of a sentient tentacle monster boyfriend!  

Many (but not all) fantasy dildos are XL sizes, meaning if you’ve ever wanted to try sizing up, you can do so with some pretty wild shapes. If exploring bigger toys sounds interesting to you, Felicity’s written an excellent guide on how to do it safely and painlessly.

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