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"BITCH" Wood Paddle - Zelkova

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Light-weight, but leaves a BIG impression: This Zelkova Wood Paddle leaves the letters BITCH imprinted on your/your partner's rear.

Wood is a fantastic paddle material. It delivers more slappy noise and more redness from even light swats. Compare it to any faux-leather paddle: You'll feel the difference!

This paddle's wood is polished to a shine, and is very smooth. Zelkova wood is native to Japan, Korea, eastern China, and Taiwan. 

The BITCH Wood paddle weighs only a quarter pound, and its slim handle is easy to grip. A corded loop attached to its end will fit over the paddle-wielder's wrist, or allow you to hang up the Bitch Wood Paddle when you're not playing. Made by Spartacus.

  • Wood paddle with BITCH imprint
  • Very light, yet lots of impact
  • Makes a slappy noise too
  • Leaves a better mark than comparable "vegan leather" paddles
  • Slim handle for easy grip
  • Loop on the end
  • Zelkova wood, polished smooth

Dimensions: 12.75 inches length (wood only, not wrist loop); 2 inch max. diameter; 0.26 lbs. weight

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After some research and noting that not all sex toys are made with body-safe materials, I was happy to find Peepshow toys are all safe to use.


Peepshowtoys is hands down the best when it comes to having the best products, website, and INCREDIBLE shipping!

—Mike from WI

Amazing customer service... I’ve bought from other sites before and have often been disappointed... but this has been a pleasant experience on both ends. Thanks PeepShowToys!


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