The Butters Cocoa Butter X Raw Honey Lube

The Butters

$ 14.00

  • The Butters are made with love !

    Arguably the best lube you'll ever use. It's ultra slick, long lasting, and smells great due to the honey and cocoa butter.

    This version of the Butters, is a great option for people allergic to soy, or want something more sustainable than palm.

    Size : 8 oz Jar

    Not Safe with latex caondoms

    Features :

    Palm and soy free, hypoallergenic, vegan, long-lasting moisture, only tested on human skin, hair and insides of many ethnicities and types, Ph balanced, clean drying, edible, neutral taste and smell, safe for internal use (vagina, anus, pregnancy-safe), UV protection, clean-drying, amplifies natural lubrication, safe for pets and babies, non-toxic, produced/packed/stored to ServSafe standards.

    Ingredients :

    Pure organic aloe vera fillet gel, raw grade a golden ghanaian shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar, arrowroot gel.

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