Tantus Gen Slim Silicone Paddle - Hamilton Park Electronics
Tantus Gen Slim Silicone Paddle - Hamilton Park Electronics

Tantus Gen Slim Silicone Paddle

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Tantus Gen Slim Silicone Paddle

Slappy and perfect for fitting into tight spaces, Tantus’ Gen Paddle is made of premium silicone. Gen swings with a stingy impact, more powerful for the weight of Tantus' platinum silicone—which transfers energy like no other material. Gen's flexible slapping surface is 6.5 inches, with 12.5 inches overall paddle length.

The Gen Paddle features an egg at the end of the handle for secure grip, so it's less likely to slip from the handler's grasp. It's slim, and also safe for insertion.

Tantus Premium Platinum silicone is easy to keep clean and to sterilize for safe long-term use!

  • Silicone slapper paddle
  • Great for stingy strokes and precise targeting
  • Handle with egg at bottom to prevent slipping
  • Slim and easy to hit into tight spaces
  • Body-safe, easy-to-clean platinum silicone

Dimensions: 12.5” total length; 6.5” tongue length; 6.75" handle length; 0.5” handle width

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After some research and noting that not all sex toys are made with body-safe materials, I was happy to find Peepshow toys are all safe to use.


Peepshowtoys is hands down the best when it comes to having the best products, website, and INCREDIBLE shipping!

—Mike from WI

Amazing customer service... I’ve bought from other sites before and have often been disappointed... but this has been a pleasant experience on both ends. Thanks PeepShowToys!


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