SquarePegToys® Happy Hour Plug SuperSoft Bronze Silicone

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SquarePegToys® Happy Hour Plug SuperSoft Bronze Silicone

 The SquarePegToys® Happy Hour Plug is a multipurpose toy: perfect for use as a plug, as a dildo, or as a stretching tool! Happy Hour features a phallic shape for easier insertion. Then it widens into a knot shape to expand the anal canal and lock into place. 

In SquarePegToys signature SuperSoft Bronze silicone, Happy Hour Plugs are squishy and flexible for extra comfort. This updated version includes a lengthier neck to facilitate long-term wear. The T-shape base of each Happy Hour Plug is made to rest safely between the butt cheeks. 

Happy Hour is available in 3 sizes, from above-average to thick widths. 

All Square Peg Toys are handcrafted in the USA from 100% US-sourced platinum silicone. 

  • SuperSoft Bronze silicone butt plug
  • Ideal as a stretching plug or a soft dildo
  • Phallic shape for easy insertion
  • Wide “knot” to stretch your opening
  • Upgraded, longer neck
  • Flared T-shape base for safety & comfortable wear
  • 100% platinum cure silicone
  • Handcrafted in the USA


S2: 5.3” total length; 5” maximum circumference (≈ 1.6” diameter)

S4: 6” total length; 6” maximum circumference (≈ 1.9” diameter)

S6: 6.25” total length; 6.9” maximum circumference (≈ 2.2” diameter)