Spareparts Deuce Male Harness - Hamilton Park Electronics
Spareparts Deuce Male Harness - Hamilton Park Electronics
Spareparts Deuce Male Harness - Hamilton Park Electronics

Spareparts Deuce Male Harness

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Deuce from SpareParts is the first harness designed especially for men! Deuce is a brilliant solution that allows you to continue love making in between erections, not to mention an excellent tool for double penetration. Two separate holes allow for the penis to extend through one and a toy to extend through the other, so there is no need to skip a beat when pleasuring your partner. An internal pocket holds a vibrator for extra stimulation, and a unique pouch comfortably cradles "the boys". Leg straps lightly cross over the perineum for added pleasure. Comfortable and completely adjustable, it can be worn for extended periods and makes is a great solution for men with erectile dysfunction. 

Available in Two Versions : Deuce & Deuce Magnum

Both Versions are available in Size A & Size B

Size A Fits Waists 20-50 Inches Around

Size B Fits Waists 35-65 Inches Around

Size A Leg Straps 10-16 Inches

Size B Leg Straps 14-24 Inches

O-Ring Diameter for both sizes 1.25"- 2" 

O-Ring Circumference 3.92"-6.28"

To determine if you or your partner requires a Deuce™ or Deuce Magnum™ harness you will need to consider penis girth measurement.

Deuce fits a Girth Measurement of 4.71-5.89 Inches

Deuce Magnum fits a Girth Measurement of 6.28-7.46 Inches

With the penis fully erect, wrap a tape measure around the base of the penis one complete time, and where the tape measure crosses over itself, take a measurement.

Storage Pouch included

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After some research and noting that not all sex toys are made with body-safe materials, I was happy to find Peepshow toys are all safe to use.


Peepshowtoys is hands down the best when it comes to having the best products, website, and INCREDIBLE shipping!

—Mike from WI

Amazing customer service... I’ve bought from other sites before and have often been disappointed... but this has been a pleasant experience on both ends. Thanks PeepShowToys!


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