Silver Nipple Clamps with Lightning Bolts - Hamilton Park Electronics
Silver Nipple Clamps with Lightning Bolts - Hamilton Park Electronics
Nipple Clamps with Lightning Bolts
Lightning Bolt hanging from Nipple clamp

Silver Nipple Clamps with Lightning Bolts

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Silver Nipple Clamps with Lightning Bolts offer that extra *zing*! Extra-adjustable, the clamps can be tightened or loosened around each nipple:

As the silvery lightning bolt dangles below the breast. 

To put on: Pinch the black-tip bottom of the clamp to open either clamp fully. Then, twist the screw inward. The more you turn, the wider the clamp will be. Then, place over the nipple and let go! 

Nipple clamps are great for a sexy show, and can deliver more or less bite on the nipples. 

With padded tips over their metal, these Silver Nipple Clamps are comfortable enough to wear around, if desired. Designed by Liebe Seele in Japan.

  • Adjustable nipple clips with lightning bolts
  • Lightning bolt sways as breasts move
  • Perfect for erotic display
  • Alligator-style clamps are adjustable
  • Tighten and loosen to your pleasure
  • Padded tips surround the nipples
  • 2 clamps per purchase

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After some research and noting that not all sex toys are made with body-safe materials, I was happy to find Peepshow toys are all safe to use.


Peepshowtoys is hands down the best when it comes to having the best products, website, and INCREDIBLE shipping!

—Mike from WI

Amazing customer service... I’ve bought from other sites before and have often been disappointed... but this has been a pleasant experience on both ends. Thanks PeepShowToys!


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