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Pillow Talk Sassy Charging Cord

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Pillow Talk Sassy Charging Cord

Lost your cord? This is the USB recharging cable for BMS Factory's acclaimed Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator, newest version. Insert it in Sassy's self-healing silicone port and power up!

The straight, strong metal prong now provides increased durability and break-resistance.

PLEASE NOTE this cord works for Sassys purchased in 2021 and onward. It may not charge older-model Sassy vibrators. If your Sassy charger had an open tip, a flat prong end (as pictured in image), & open space inside, then this new cable is the wrong one for your toy. The Pillow Talk Sassy charger now has a completely closed prong, with a capped end.

Replacement charger only. Vibrator not included.