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Organosilicone Pink Blindfold
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Organosilicone Pink Blindfold Buckle
Organosilicone Pink Blindfold Buckle
Organosilicone Vegan, Soft Blindfold - Hamilton Park Electronics

Organosilicone Vegan, Soft Blindfold

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Organosilicone Vegan, Soft Blindfold by Liebe Seele

Soft and sturdy, the Organosilicone Blindfold is as secure as leather— but cruelty-free and more water-resistant. Feels soft & plush against the skin! 

By blocking sight, the blindfold allows its wearer to focus more on what they feel and hear, or to listen to commands.

More environmentally friendly than normal PU or leather, Organosilicone PU offers superior hydrolysis resistance. It's able to withstand heat and humidity without degrading. Organosilicone has no smell, and generates less VOCs.

The adjustable buckle closure secures easily around the wearer's head, and a nosebridge cut-out adds comfort and lets the eyecover sit flatter against the face, blocking more light. 

Designed by Liebe Seele in Japan.

  • Organosilicone blindfold
  • Soft, with sturdy straps
  • Sturdier (more hydrolysis-resistant) than leather or PU
  • Nosebridge cut-out
  • Adjustable buckle closure
  • Provides more comfort with longer wear
  • Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free
  • Easy to use

Dimensions: 2.55 inches max. blindfold width; adjustable range between 17.32 and 23.62 inches circumference

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