Kimono MicroThin Large Lubricated Condoms 12 Pack


$ 14.00

  • Kimono® MicroThin® Large Lubricated Condoms 12 Pack 


    • America's Thinnest Large Condom

    • A bigger condom, that fits the way a large condom should.

    • 5X Tested makes these condoms stronger and more reliable

    • Added head room - bigger where it matters the most

    • Made with premium natural latex

    • Lubricated with a silicone lubricant that is paraben and glycerin free (Lubricant Amount: 0.0088 oz)

    • Low latex condom smell

    • Vegan friendly - contains no milk/animal proteins

    • Kimono condoms exceed US & International Standards for strength and reliability


    • Length: 7.60"
    • Girth/Circumference estimated (inches): 4.68" (head width)
    • Girth/Circumference estimated (inches): 4.17" (body width) 
    • Latex Thickness (mm @ 90mm point from closed end): 0.052
    ** Buy two or more packages and save **

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