What is a Super Orgasm? | Male Prostate Orgasm

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Tawney: Hey everybody, I’m Tawney.

Kyle: And Kyle

Tawney: And we’re here with PeepShow Toys. Today we’re gonna talk about the journey to the ‘Super O’.

[0:09 really adorable opening the gates of heaven gesture]

Tawney: If you're not familiar with what a ‘Super-O’ is, it is an orgasm in which you do not ejaculate but instead the P-Spot is super stimulated and you kind of have that hands-free internal no ejaculation ‘Super-O’, which is from what I hear, quite a bit more powerful.

Kyle: Highly sought after.

Tawney: Ya, exactly! So we used the Aneros Helix Syn Trident here. This may look small [gestures at 0:42], but the Helix Syn Trident [is about a finger].

Kyle: I think it’s appropriately sized. Ya, it’s about the size of a finger [demonstrates at 0:50], which is perfect for someone like me who is not as comfortable with plugs or anal play or anything like that. So I thought this was a perfect intro. I mean if you prefer bigger size, I think this is going to be perfect for exactly what you're searching for, you know as far as

Tawney: ...that wiggle room.

Kyle: Ya, especially with the search for that ‘Super-O’.

Tawney: Ya, because part of that ‘Super-O’ process is really when you're flexing and clenching and you're allowing this way to move naturally and stroke that P-Spot. So, having that extra space is part of the whole process. So definitely don't let the size deter you from this.

It’s very important in anal play to use lube! We used the Sliquid H2O. It felt pretty good would you say?

Kyle: Yup! Just make sure you do use lube.

Tawney: Don’t not use lube.

So I used this a bit for some G-Spot stimulation and it felt really great, but really that’s not what we’re here for. So there are some positions.

Kyle: So you got 3 positions you can work with [for] this one.

The first is on your back [demonstrates at 2:06], and you would just put both your feet down like this and then you just slowly bring one leg up at a time towards your chest.

The second would be laying on your side [demonstrates at 2:20] and then kind of rocking your legs up like this in repetitive motion.

And then third would be like the first one where you're on your back but you would have a pillow at the small of your back, which for me, I found that one to be the best one.

Tawney: The most comfortable …

Kyle: Ya, as far as comfort.

It did take me quite a few times. Don't expect this to be just like a plug-and-play operation. It will take you a couple times. For me, I was very tense the first probably two to three times.

It took me awhile to get used to that feeling. Then once you do you want to kind of match your breathing and your breath with the motion of your legs or your body, or whatever [motion] you're doing.

Tawney: Like meditation almost.

Kyle: Ya, it’s a little meditative. But, ye. You want to match that and you want to just take it slow.

Tawney (whispers): Very slow.

Kyle: And just be patient is my best advice for that.

Tawney: It seems like a lot of people having that same and experience where it's really not happening that first time, but then whether it's the second or a few weeks or a few months

Kyle: Ye, if you are experienced with P-Spot play or anything like that this might come real quick for you, and this toy will be perfect for you. But if you are new, also perfect I guess. It’s just appropriately sized and it’s nice and comfortable and I like it, ye.

Tawney: So, I have to ask and I know I've asked you this before, but I want them to know now that we've kind of talked through that -  lots of lube and making sure that you have a comfortable position where you can kind of clench along with your breathing and just letting it come naturally. How was the Super O?

Kyle (shrugs): Super orgasmic.

Tawney: What did it leave you feeling like?

Kyle: Shook!

[Tawney laughs 4:11]

Kyle: It’s definitely a lot stronger than a regular orgasm.

Tawney: How does it feel, like, orgasming without ejaculating? Because,  like I guess in my head, I'm just like ‘oh my gosh like it must be a lot deeper’.

Kyle: I produce personally a lot of precum. So you will have a lot of precum with this in general.

Tawney: It did, ya.

Kyle: So it's like yeah you're not going to cum but they're still going to be quite a bit of come there

Tawney: Still some action!

Kyle: Ya, exactly.

Tawney: Well thank you all  for coming along while I poke Kyle’s mind a bit about the ‘Super-O’ and we really hope you get your hands on one of these Aneros toys in your able to experience it for yourself like I wish I could, I'm jealous. I'm so excited about it though. So, ya, thank you all so much.

Tawney and Kyle are a husband and wife team who work together to bring you sex education, toy reviews, and online entertainment. Together they blog, YouTube, and perform in hopes to make you laugh, learn, and open your mind to new and sexy things just under your nose. The two grew up together in the Pacific Northwest, teasing and taunting each other until they eventually realized (after puberty) that their combined powers could be used for good, not evil. They invite you along on their adventure of toys, sex education, and oddities, hoping their journey will assist you in your own.