How to Use the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System by Tawney Seren

Tawney Seren & her partner Kyle demonstrate how to use the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets, which works whether you have a queen size bed or a California king. Plus, they show us how easy it is to play with Sportsheets’ travel-friendly Silicone Cuffs.

Annotated Abridged Transcript

This is not a full transcript. Watch the video for the full Tawney and Kyle experience.

Tawney and Kyle: We're going to talk about under the bed restraints and handcuffs. So I know that some of you may be really new to BDSM and it's kind of an overwhelming experience. There's a lot of different things you can bring into the bedroom. These are a little bit of beginners play toys and we're going to show you how to set them up and how you can use them, because it can be a little bit overwhelming, little confusing for people. I think it was for us at first and we kept checking it out.

So the two toys that we're going to be using today are the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System and Sportsheets Silicone Handcuffs. But, don't be tricked you can use these on your ankles as well as other very flexible, that silicone’s really comfortable.

[0:45 Kyle helps Tawney put the handcuffs on]

Tawney: It just stretches right over, doesn't even hurt you can handle it. So no matter how much force he's putting on it, it's really easy to put them on. And then, as you can see, you've got plenty of room to move around so if you're a beginner and you don't know how much restraint you want to have in general, then this is kind of a great toy because it really doesn't hurt. Like he was able to shove that over my wrist. I think if he had done that with some like a metal handcuff or something it would have been a bit more uncomfortable. But, obviously you could just use these in the bedroom during sex in general, above your head if you want or behind your back as we’ve done and enjoyed. You can also use it on your ankles as well, but handcuffs are kind of a really fun kinky way to like enjoy that.

[1:36 Kyle pulls on the handcuffs]

Kyle: It’s good that they’re not too loose too, like they’re not gonna slip off. You can get them on there pretty good.

Tawney: Right! It’s really hard to take them off still, so it's still firm enough to hold you, but flexible enough that you're not uncomfortable.

[1:52 Tawney takes the handcuffs off on her own]

Tawney: Freedom! (both laugh)

[2:04 Tawney and Kyle start to demonstrate the Under The Bed Restraint System]

Tawney: Alright, so next we’ve got the end of the bed restraints. We've got the four-cornered bed restraints here from Sportsheets. What there is, there's a long flat black cable that attaches the four [restraints] on each side. You want to put that underneath your mattress and then you're going to hook these around each corner. And [the system] is adjustable so it fits over any size bed, so you don't have to worry. Kyle and I are going to show you some fun ways to use these, some very basic ways. It’s kind of self-explanatory, but we got the four corners. [The cuffs] opens up on that velcro.

[2:34 Kyle opens up the velcro on one of the cuffs]

Kyle: Basic velcro here.

Tawney: It's kind of like soft on the inside.

Kyle: It's got a clipping attachment here [demonstrates at 2:46] for the actual cuff. See that?

Tawney: Oh ya, so you can interchange them.

[2:54 Kyle puts the cuff on Tawney’s ankle]

Tawney: So you can kinda make these really tight or you an keep them [loose] either way they got that nice like furry sort of inside so it's easy to clean. You can machine wash these.

[3:19 Tawney lays back onto the bed]

Tawney: Run out options, time to flop. You can also lay on your stomach and get bound that way and it's really fun as well. So, the one thing you definitely want to make sure that you get a good brand of these, because when you're pulling really hard, if you got the cheaper material you can really break through it easily. We personally have broken through a few of [other restraints] in the past. As you can see from the full extension of these [demonstrates at 3:54], I can still kind of curl up in a ball.

Kyle: We do have them overextended also just to show you how long they will go. This is just a queen size bed and we have tested them on a California king and it also works there.

Tawney: Absolutely! And can you show them how we can tighten it and make it a whole different situation?

[4:13 Kyle tightens the straps on Tawney’s ankle cuff]

Kyle: Ya, so there’s just the adjustment strap here. You can just pull this here and you can just go on the fly and it doesn't move when she's jerking around. So you can tighten and adjust here, and loosen it just off of that adjustment right there.

Tawney: It’s so easy. And this is really fun because, again, obviously you’re open, you can have sex like that, on your back. Another way that's fun, actually, that I'm going to show you.

Tawney: Can you do both my wrists in one?

[4:46 Kyle straps both Tawney’s wrists into one cuff]

Tawney: Perfect! So they're also wide enough and big enough you can do [both] wrists, and then you can pull this around so it's up on top. And, you’ve got, boom! Hands over your head while your legs are spread.

That’s some fun ways to use these. They're very very entertaining, I like them. I think that the best part about under bed restraints. It’s a really fun addition to the bedroom that you don't have to store anywhere. You can just tuck it right underneath your bed when anybody comes over, if you don't watch straps attached. A few times we forgotten, but that's okay.

Kyle: We normally leave them on.

Tawney: Ya, so you can just store them underneath for when you need them. So, really if you're looking to jump into some beginners BDSM, that's just a visual way to look at under the bed restraints and handcuffs. Again these are both the Sportsheets product line. So we've got the Sportsheets silicone handcuffs  and then the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System. So, definitely have fun, I know we have. These are some of our favorites. Definitely enjoy your adventure in BDSM. Thank you.

Tawney and Kyle are a husband and wife team who work together to bring you sex education, toy reviews, and online entertainment. Together they blog, YouTube, and perform in hopes to make you laugh, learn, and open your mind to new and sexy things just under your nose. The two grew up together in the Pacific Northwest, teasing and taunting each other until they eventually realized (after puberty) that their combined powers could be used for good, not evil. They invite you along on their adventure of toys, sex education, and oddities, hoping their journey will assist you in your own.