How To Squirt & Best Toys For Squirting | Female Ejaculation

Looking for the best toy for squirting? Sex toys can help you learn to squirt, and Tawney Seren's here to cover the best!

Hey Everybody! Tawney here with PeepShow Toys and today I want to talk about squirting. How you can obtain the ultimate and elusive squirt and some toys that can really help assist with this journey.

So, if you're not familiar with squirting let's do a little bit of light education about it. First of all, the way to obtain a squirt or to squirt during sex is to first be able to find the G-Spot. If you're not very familiar with that will go over it a bit. There's also a video that goes more in-depth that I’ve done with PeepShow Toys of how you can really really urgent orgasm from the G-Spot and find it to begin with. So first of all there is a difference between a female ejaculation and squirting. Female ejaculation comes from the prostate it's just kind of a milky sort of liquid, there's not much of it, but it still is produced. Squirting actually is coming from the bladder it could be a little bit yellow and coloring or clear. A lot of those who who squirt regularly mention that it is very different from peeing although it is still kind of a debate as to, you know, what squirting really is.

That being said it could be an incredibly pleasurable experience and I highly recommend that you explore this with yourself before you explore it with partner, especially if it’s something you’ve not been able to do in the past. Definitely find an area where you are relaxed, where you're able to kind of just focus on yourself because if you're really really focus on obtaining, you know, that sort of endgame then it's going to start getting into your head. You’re going to become distracted, you’re not really going to be able to relax. If squirting is not something that comes naturally to you it means that it's going to feel a little bit weird when it first happens, so you're going to want to be as relaxed as you can.

You’re going to want to make sure that you can find your G-spot. So, if you are laying on your back and you put your fingers in and out come hither sort of motion towards your belly button,  you're going to feel kind of a bulbous sort of area there about 2 inches inside of you body that is your g-spot. You want to lightly tickle that, play with it a little bit, get familiar with it. It might feel a little bit weird, like a tennis ball or something, without the fuzz, hopefully.

And, that’s really going to help your journey as far as exploring that goes.

So, I brought a few toys that have really helped me with finding the G-spot. First we’ve got the  Splendid [2:23]. This one's a small. The reason I really enjoyed this one the most when it came to finding my G-spot and urging my own squirting adventure, was because it's softer you don't really feel the lines of prominently and you're able to kind of manipulate the toy a little bit more. So, this one’s from Uberrime and can be found on PeepShow. Highly recommend it, that soft soft silicone and the easy urging helped me kind of massage my G Spot until I started to feel the urge to squirt, I'll go into what that feels like and then kind of what to do after that, in just a moment.

So we’ve also got the Blush Neo Elite [3:02] this is the 7.5 inch dildo. This one is also made with very very soft malleable silicone so it's great for kind of finding that spot and doing it. These toys are also curved so it’s a very very pleasant experience. This one is great for a shopper on a budget all of the Neo Elite lines are made with that in mind, so that’s a great one.


But by far the best toy that I found for that G-spot stimulation is the Womanizer Duo [3:30]. So this way was able to not only curve around and play with my G-Spot just perfectly here, but also use other forms of stimulation. So some of those who are looking to squirt may find that really they can get that same sensation with vibration and other more familiar feelings with your body. I just find, and others do find, that finding the G-spot is normally the first key for that.

So once you got a toy that's really helping ease that G-spot or if you're able to do with your fingers, that's wonderful, then you're going to find a very unfamiliar feeling. And this is something that may not happen the first time or the 10th time or the 20th. But, at some point you're going to feel this build up, that's almost like you have to pee. It’s that deep ache, like you have to [pee] but a little different, but it might stop you in your tracks and makes you not want to continue to play.

I urge you to just put a towel underneath yourself, enjoy the feeling and push past that. It's going to mean that you're going to apply a little bit of that pelvic pressure to kind of urge that liquid out of you, but when you do it's not going to be so much that you're peeing your pants and you're not peeing yourself. You're just kind of urging of that liquid from your bladder as you are orgasming and the results can be incredibly deliciously messy and very very pleasurable for you. Especially because you're not stopping.

And, part of that whole squirting process, I believe, is you end up stopping yourself. You aren’t fully letting go and enjoying all the sensations that your body is going through. So sometimes pushing right past that urge to pee, that light urge there and just kind of allowing that relaxation to happen can really really be beneficial to your squirting experience, and your play.

So, definitely find a place where you’re relaxed get yourself a toy or learn a bit about your G-spot, and just let go and push past that while you enjoy your ejaculation, while you enjoy your squirting or  whatever it is that is happening whether it's the regular orgasm from vibration or G-spot stimulation you're going to be able to find your way there.

Anyone can squirt just use that practice and that time. If you have a partner, or if you're using a strap on to further urge the squirting, I recommend doing doggy style as it does allow of one of more of that control there against your vaginal lining and it can further caress and urge the squirt from you, so that might be a fun thing to try.

Thank you all so much and coming along while we learn about squirting as well as female ejaculation and how you can kind of introduce that sensation or work towards a squirting yourself with your partner or yourself. Thank you all so much you can find all of these toys on PeepShow Toys dot com. They are wonderful body safe and will certainly help you on your journey, so thank you so much for joining me.

NOTE: We highly recommend the NJoy Pure Wand G-spot dildo as the best toy for squirting vaginally: This stainless steel toy has helped many users get acquainted with their G-spot and learn to squirt.