Emotional Care as a part of Sexual Health

How do you prioritize your emotional health?⁠

Tawney Seren discusses the in's and out's of emotional health as part of sexual health.⁠

⁠ Oftentimes it is promoted that sex or masturbation is a cure to anxiety, in reality those things aren’t always the answer for your mental health struggles. Sexual wellbeing is about consent, and desiring the pleasure you receive. ⁠

Welcome all of your emotions, check in with yourself and acknowledge your feelings as well as your boundaries. Becoming complacent with your boundaries is a danger to your emotional health.⁠

⁠Emotional care may mean pulling yourself away and disconnecting from any stressors you may have. Give yourself a break, and focus on your breath.⁠

Don’t be shy about seeking out help, a support system can always help your mental state. ⁠