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How are you exploring your senses?

Sensation play is spectrum of stimulation that can all heighten your experience with new feelings you wouldn't typically do during your normal sexual play. Some of us may like pain, gentle touches, temperature shifts, impact, you name it! All forms of sensation play can range from light to intense, leaving so much room for variety in our pleasure.

Tawney Seren & Delilah Rain take us through the exciting world of Sensation Play showing us...

  • Nipple Play: Some of us may not have sensitivity in our breasts and nipples, so bringing in blood flow via nipple suckers can keep us on our toes.
  • Whipping & trailing: A great way to explore light to intense sensation and pain play, you choose your destiny! Do you like a stinging sensation? More thud? Tickle? Anticipation?
  • Temperature Play: Using hot & cold outside and inside the body
  • Wax Play: Specifically made for play, massage candles don't burn the skin and give a hot, silky oil lather to the skin.

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