A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex by Tawney Seren | Pain Free Anal Sex



Sex educator Tawney Seren gives tips on how how to have pain free anal sex. 

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Hey folks, it’s Tawney here I am with Peepshow Toys and today we're going to be touching base on beginners anal. 

So I myself I'm new to anal play and I really feel like I can relate if you’re looking at toys and you’re a little overwhelmed about what to choose and how to progress with anal. I’ve been in your shoes  issues and I'm happy to share some wonderful products with from Peepshow toys that are body safe and wonderful when you're training yourself in anal and trying new toys.

So a few things to remember before I get into those toys: one, lubrication is very very important in anal play. Always make sure that you using lubricants and that you're moving very very slowly especially if you're brand-new to anal play. It's nice to use a finger, to use tongue with your partner and tro really just explore what you enjoy as far as very very basic anal play and teasing. Foreplay is one of the most important things with anal along with the use of lube. It’s good to make sure that your body is relaxed and ready to enjoy this experience. For me it was partnering this with a lot of, maybe, vibrator play while I was lightly playing with my ass and things of that nature. So, I was using other forms of stimulation that I was already comfortable with an already familiar with to arouse myself while adding in a little bit of that anal play. So, I was in associating that arousal with my anal exploration.

It’s also good to know that you might just not like anal, but I have to say there’s a lot of very pleasurable toys that are really easy to use and not threatening and you can kind of learn a bit more about your body and whether anl is for you. I was someone who did not like anal I didn't think I would ever like anal and I tried a lot of different toys that really changed my mind. It was just as long as I was relaxed, well stimulated with proper lube, and also using a bit of that, you know, cross arousal with different toys that I already knew I enjoyed while playing. 

Let's start with cleanliness. Always make sure that you're not using the same hand vaginally as you as you are anally or just around your body if you’re worried about that cleanliness in general, in your mouth, things of that nature.  You don't want that cross vaginally, if you have a vagina, to happen it can really lead to a yeast infection UTIs, or worst. So make sure you keep yourself clean. If you're really worried about cleanliness, douching is always an option, just to kind of clean things out before you begin your play.

So, now I’m going to go into - make sure you’re in a relaxed, safe, excitable environment so that you don’t feel strained or awkward. As a lot of other sex educators have probably expressed to you or that you may not have known, orgasms are hardest to reach when you’re really focusing on them. So let go of that thought just enjoy your body and explore. I think that you're really going to find out a lot a lot more about yourself and how your body and how it responds. 

There's two different lubes I'm going to show you here. The first one is a silicone-based lube. This is not good for use with toys but it’s great for sexploration of your own. This is Uberlube here [gestures at 3:21], it’s one of my favorite silicone based lubes, and a little bit goes a long way. That silky smooth almost massage oil feeling is going to leave behind on your skin. When you’re playing anally and you want more lube and you want that lube to last, so you can continue to play and not have to keep adding more and more, this the great lube to use. Again please keep in mind that you don't want to use a silicone lube with silicone toys as it can start to degenerate the toy a little bit.

So, if you're looking for a lube to use with a toy, I’ve really enjoyed the Butters Original Lube. It’s got the PeepShow Toys logo on top and comes in a little container like this [gestures at 4:10]. It’s an all natural Lube  so is safe to use with your toys and in any part of your body. This is a little bit different than the pump lubes you might be used to. As you can see it’s solid. It’s got aloe so it will still have that silky smooth texture afterwards. It's a little bit yellow, it’s thicker. So, I found this to be a wonderful beginners anal lube for me. Again it was safe to use with or without toys and really. It’s great for sensitive skin as it's an all natural lubricant. You don't have to worry about that any of the gunky stuff in there, especially when you’re playing anally. Again, this is the Mr. Butter’s Original Aloe and Shea lubricant here. Really love that. Make sure that you’ve got a lube that you enjoy and are comfortable with. That’s really gonna match the process here.

[For toys] first, I’m going to get into - this helps me so much - it’s a Training Set from Luxe. It’s a beginner’s plug set [gestures at 5:10]. It looks like this, it comes in several different colors and it's got three different sizes from small to large. It’s body safe silicone. This is a Blush product so if you're a fan of their dildos and other toys, this is a great addition. All of these are very flexible [demonstrates at 5:27], again that full body safe silicone. The tiny one is really really tiny, you can barely feel this. It is a wonderful snug little plug that you can wear around comfortably as the bottom flared base is very flexible.  Always make sure when you're using anal toys that they have a flared base or something you can hold on to, you do not want this sucker to disappear. So, make sure it's got that flared base there. These are wonderful for anal training. Like I mentioned before, this one is just the size of a pinky finger. Check that out, boop! [demonstrates at 6:05] Little pink finger in there so if you're playing with your fingers and you're looking to kind of progress, this is a great toy to jump right into for beginners anal. And again, very comfortable you can wear this one for quite some time. This step up I would say is  a good twice the size there, so you got your two fingers and then you've got this much larger plug, finally, that you can train up to. Use a lot of lube, a lot of patience with your body. You're going to find, I feel, that this is a great beginners toy that brings you neither pain or discomfort. Again this is the beginner’s plug kit. Let me put it in here so you can see it again [demonstrates at 6:45], from Blush and their company Luxe, comes in this little package here. Great beginners toy, very satin-smooth. 

One of the fun things about plugs is they aren’t just plugs you can use different sensations that you might enjoy, different textures and things to really experienced different arousal and orgasm there.

So, I'm going to show you another one. This one is beautifully packaged. So we've got the B-Vibe Snug Plug. This one is “2”, so it is the second size up there. Oh perfect, I already took that out. It’s very compact. This is a weighted butt plug. As you can see it’s probably about a medium sized plug [demonstrates at 7:34], it’s certainly not a first one. But if you’ve been using your training sets and you're a little bit more comfortable with anal, this is a great one. It's got a flared bottom, very flexible. It’s got this beautiful beautiful purple silicone  - lots of different colours [available] there. But what makes this plug different is it’s weighted. So it's going to give you that full feeling, that secure feeling. It is made for long-term wear. So if you're someone who's wanting to train anally and you want to train long term, I highly recommend using this plug. The Luxe plugs are a little bit more for training at home, you can kinda wear it around, it’s fine. But, this one felt incredible to me for long-term, that full secure. Almost like I was strengthening while also, you know, training my ass to further except these toys. So sometimes having these weighted toys is a great way to use it for long-term wear. It’s beautiful. Also, the B-Vibe Snug Plugs come with us a really cute little little containers to carry it around with you. You know wear it while you're out and pop it off if you'd like. Always make sure to clean these. It is a silicone toy. So, you don’t want to use that silicone-based lubricant with it. But again, for long-term wear and training these are wonderful. They come in different sizes, and it's a great plug that you really can wear all day. That’s the B-Vibe Suig Plug 2. Oh yes, it's also very rounded here for that easy insertion. What you want to make sure with beginning anal play is that the toys you are using aren’t super textured. They're not going to have those bumps and dips, and you know, different shapes about them. You want it to be you really smooth and easy to insert, having a gradual - here I’ll show you with the Luxe as well - that gradual widening into that bulbous head there. You don't want it to just go small to big, than can be very uncomfortable. So all of these toys have very slow gradual progressions to the largest size there, making it really easy and satin-smooth to slip in there.

The final toy that I'm going to show you from PeepShow that really helped with my beginners anal extravaganza here is the NJoy. So, this nestled here in this little black box [gestures at 10:03]. This is the Pure Plug, it's stainless steel. So this is where are the different sensations come in for anal play and beginners anal. If you’re someone that enjoys the heat and cold play sensationally, Then get one of these steel ones. Not only is it body safe and heavy providing you again without full feeling that you can wear around for quite some time, but also, it can be warmed up very easily providing that warm slick filling feeling or it can be kept very cold and the stainless steel can provide that tickling chill upon insertion. It's a way to train yourself anally while also introducing these other sensations that some of the other plugs just may not provide.  It’s also quite small and slightly curved so this is wonderful for P Spot stimulation. Again, I was able to wear this around for a little bit. And it’s got this little handle here, easy to pop in and out. So, beautiful beautiful really small fantastic beginners anal toys.

So, these are the products that I would recommend if you are diving into beginners anal. But most importantly, always remember keep clean. Wash those toys before and after use. Douche if necessary. Don’t use your hand in other places. And use lot of lubricant. Make sure it's the right one for your body. Use it to warm up, have that foreplay. Use the tongue or fingers before you're progressing into toys. Slow and steady wins the race. Enjoy this. Train yourself and you're really going to find that you might really truly love anal play. Thank you all so much for joining me and I hope to be chatting again with you soon. Thank you.