Why Some People Prefer These Sex Toys Over Vibrators! by Betty Butch

The world of sex toys is always evolving. Our options for pleasure are diversifying as companies discover new ways to titillate. One of the most recent – and well-received – sex toy innovations is pressure wave technology. These toys are intended for the clitoris (or nipples), and instead of vibrations, these toys provide contactless stimulation to bring the user to orgasm. 

Satisfyer has made a name for themselves by introducing a number of budget-friendly toys to this pleasure genre, from the compact but competent Satisfyer Pro Traveler to the charmingly adorable Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Gen. Pressure wave toys set themselves apart from traditional sex toys in a number of ways – and for some people, they’re a much more satisfying option.

Here are a few reasons why.

Pressure waves feel totally different than vibrations.

Some Satisfyer models – such as the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations – offer vibration settings in addition to their standard stimulation, but Satisfyer’s air pulse toys are not vibrators. This is good news for folks who don’t enjoy vibrators, or who want a change of pace.

Satisfyer utilizes pressure wave technology: mechanized pulsations within the head of the toy envelope the clitoris or nipple with undulating pattering. This stimulation is air-based – nothing ever actually touches the skin besides the toy’s rim. Some compare the sensation to sucking or vigorous licking; others describe it as a steady throb or tap. But while interpretations of what the sensation is like are varied, it’s a nearly universal sentiment that the experience provided by pressure waves is worlds away from vibrations – and for many, the difference is toe-curling in the best way.

Satisfyers don’t directly touch the clitoris.

The only portion of the toy that makes physical contact with the user’s body is the rim of the Satisfyer’s head, which encircles the area around the clitoris (or nipple) to create a seal so the pulsation can work its magic. This can make Satisfyers especially appealing to people with clitorises that are hypersensitive to physical touch, as well as people who struggle to become aroused by manual stimulation.

And because the stimulation isn’t contact-based, some people who use toys like the Satisfyer find themselves able to experience multiple orgasms when they previously haven’t.


Satisfyers can give faster orgasms.

Everyone’s experiences vary, and some people will never have a “fast” orgasm – that is, an orgasm that only takes a few minutes to build up to. But since busy schedules, taxing responsibilities, and limited privacy are problems that most people aren’t going to escape, quick orgasms will only become more desirous to those looking for some quick self-care. Pressure wave toys are frequently lauded for providing fast orgasms due to their fixated, immersive stimulation, which makes them a go-to for folks on the go go go!

Air pulsation toys can be affirming for trans men and nonbinary people.

Marketing and packaging aside, Satisfyer and other pressure wave toys don’t have the same broader cultural association with gender that vibrators do. This can make them ideal alternatives for some people with dysphoria who want toys that work on their bodies but don’t feel comfortable using toys “for women”. (It’s important to note that no sex toy is gender exclusive – but it’s okay to seek alternatives that make you feel affirmed.)

Satisfyer Pro 2

And the sensations provided by pressure wave toys can feel blowjob-like to some people, which can make pleasure an act of self-affirmation for transmasculine folks who want those experiences. (Not all do.) Models like the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration have handles that minimize hand contact with the user’s genitals, which can also help with dysphoria struggles.

Air pulsation toys work better in some circumstances.

Everyone’s body is different. Pleasure needs and preferences are highly individual, and can be impacted by things like disability, mental illness, and trauma. For some, Satisfyers provide the strength and specificity that other toys can’t.

Pressure wave technology can work for those who struggle to become aroused (due to things like depression) because its whirling stimulation is so unrelenting. Satisfyer models with prominent handles can be a great option for some people who need toys that don’t require a lot of physical manipulation. And disarmingly cute and nonsexual designs like the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Gen can be great for those who struggle with pleasure-related desire because of trauma. Obviously this varies from person to person.

No toy works for everyone, but finding a toy that works for you can be revolutionary. There’s no shame in sticking to vibrators, if that’s what you enjoy – but if you’re in search of something else, Satisfyer’s pressure wave toys can offer uniquely pleasurable experiences. Perhaps experiences that are even more… satisfying.

Betty Butch is a queer, sex-positive blogger who reviews pleasure products and writes about identity and kink at bettybutch.com. You can find her on Twitter via @betty_butch.

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