What Makes Dual Density Dildos the Best?


Okay, okay, so maybe “best” isn’t the right word. There is no “best” sex toy, because everyone’s needs and preferences are unique. But I own hundreds of dildos, and dual density toys are consistently my favorite.

Dual density dildos are dildos with a two-layer design: a rigid inner core, and a softer outer surface. Two layers, two densities! There are numerous advantages to this style of dildo, and as a big fan I thought I’d share some of my favorite aspects. 

If you’re not already a convert, you will be!

1) The inner layer.

Firm cores help dual density dildos keep their shape in use. This means that unlike super squishy toys (which can certainly be fun in their own way!), most dual density dildos don’t flop out of place when you use them. Stability is especially important if you’re using your dildo in a strap-on harness, for anal sex, or for targeted g-spot or prostate stimulation. You need full control!

The Uberrime Splendid, for example, provides a great g-spot massage. Its shaft – which is supported by that rigid core – curves right into place, and maintains pressure that one reviewer praised as “hitting whatever anatomy you’re rocking like a Mack truck and you’ll be absolutely ecstatic when it does.”

2) The outer layer.

A soft outer layer provides a plush buffer. When toys are super firm (such as those made from metal or glass), you have to be careful not to angle it uncomfortably or bump your cervix if you’re using it vaginally. If you’re sensitive, recovering (from surgery, illness, or injury), or even just prefer fast thrusts, a dual density dildo’s soft surface can make penetration feel more comfortable. 

The Neo Elite 7.5 Inch is one of my favorite dildos for anal beginners because it’s tapered and plush. The narrow head makes it easier to insert, and the gradually widening shaft gently stretches your sphincter as you go. Being so thin, the Neo Elite 7.5 Inch is incredibly flexible – but its firmer core makes it resist bending out of place, even against strong anal muscles. 

3) The realism. 

But my favorite aspect of dual density dildos is their realism. Dual density has a similar soft-over-hard feel of an erection. Many of them – like the Naked Addiction from BMS or Shane Diesel by NS Novelties – have intricate skin details etched into the silky soft surface. 

Realistic dildos are appealing for a number of reasons. Some people prefer a more ‘natural’ feeling to their toys (rather than experimenting with fantasy shapes or unique materials), and realistic dual density dildos come close. (Although as Felicity of Phallophile Reviews notes, “No matter how well-made a toy is, it’s always gonna be an inanimate object.”)

4) The innovation. 

Being made with two separate-but-attached layers lends itself to some truly unique designs. Both the Neo Elite Glow-In-The-Dark and Evolved Luminous lines, for example, use transparent silicone for their dildos’ softer external layer. This allows you to see the firm cores – which glow in the dark! – inside. Then there’s toys like the Addiction Andrew and Real Supple 10.5 Inch Dildo, which use bendable materials for their core. The Sliding Skin Dildo by Strap On Me has exactly what its name implies: a soft outer layer of silicone that can be pinched and stroked like skin. 

5) The luxury.

While companies like Blush Novelties have begun offering dual density toys at lower price points, in general dual density dildos tend to be on the pricier side. This is because they’re complicated to make. Being two layers, dual density dildos require double the manufacturing time and labor.

But sometimes ya gotta just treat yourself!

Vixen Creations – who brought dual density to prominence – creates luxurious dildos with sensuously soft outer layers supported by rock-hard cores. “[It] looks and feels soooo deliciously realistic. I love VixSkin dildos for when I'm fantasizing about penetrative sex and want to feel filled up by something satisfyingly squishy,” wrote one reviewer. “The Mustang’s also a favorite of mine for blowjobs […] The Mustang has enough realistic texture to give it a pleasant and realistic "mouthfeel."”


Betty Butch (they/she) is a queer sex and relationships writer. By blogging about their experiences as a fat, trans, autistic person, they hope to help change the narrative of who has sex and what sex "should" be. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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