Wand Vibrators Are for Everybody and Every Body by Betty Butch

What do you picture, when I say “wand”? Maybe you think of a bespectacled young wizard, brandishing a specially carved stick in the ongoing battle between good and evil. Maybe you think of some cute girl with a sideshave holding a big, bulky vibrator with a cord to the wall. Either way, the image is magic.

A wand vibrator – also called a wand massager, magic wand, or a hitachi – is a vibrator with a prominent head and handle. Most of them have flexible necks, and a lot of them are bigger than traditional vibrators. There are rechargeable wands, wands powered by outlets, and even wands that need batteries. There are bulky wands, slim wands, and wands that can fit in your pocket. There are wands with “weird” heads, and wands with curved handles. There are cutesy wands, bejewled wands, and wands decorated with feminist iconography.

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But while the diversity of options is wonderful, the real delight of wands is their versatility. Wands are the great equalizers of sex toys: they can be used on any body type. They’re not to everyone’s taste – not everyone enjoys strong, broadly-applied vibrations – but they have the potential to please most participants.

I’m incredibly passionate about that potential. All bodies deserve pleasure, and wands offer unique advantages and avenues towards that aim.

The deep-reaching vibrations of many wands means they can stimulate the internal portions of the clitoris. This can make them an ideal choice for people who have atypical genitals or who have had an injury, or who have decreased genital sensitivity due to things like medication, poor blood circulation, hormonal changes, or scar tissue. Wands with a reputation for strong, rumbly vibrations include the Swan Wand, Doxy Die Cast, and Magic Wand Plus.

Wands also require less finesse than most other vibrators. Because their vibrations are delivered by a wider surface, your placement doesn’t have to be as precise. This can be especially useful for people who are just learning their body, people with limited flexibility or motor control, or folks with impaired vision or perception. The Magic Wand Rechargeable and Doxy both have big heads for broad pressure.

And because wands tend to be larger, there’s more room for accessible buttons. Not every manufacturer takes advantage of this (boo!) but there are plenty of wands with big, prominent buttons. There are even some like the Sola Sync that have a remote control.

Wands are seriously underrated for people with penises! The penis – and in particular the frenulum – can be massaged by the wand head, or enveloped and stroked by wand attachments like the O-Wand O-Gasm Penis Masturbator or the Le Wand Loop Penis Attachment. Vibrations don’t require an erection to be stimulating, so people with erectile issues or taking estrogen can still enjoy them. There are even wands specifically designed for the penis: the Fun Factory Manta and the (unfortunately named) Man Wand.

Wand attachments aren’t limited to penis strokers, either. Penetrative attachments like the Gee Whizz and Le Wand Ripple are great for vaginal or anal penetration, and many designs – like the Pop Tops Deluxe G-Spotter, Doxy Number 3 Prostate Attachment, and O-Wand O-Spot Attachment – are targeted for intense g-spot or prostate stimulation. Other attachments like the Flutter Tip and the O-Wand O-La-La can be used to tease and please someone’s labia, testicles, perineum, or butt. And attachments like Nuzzle Tip or Noje Flicker and Hugger can be used to create new tactile experiences.

Wands have a reputation for bulkiness, but there are a number of smaller models that can be used in tighter spaces (like between two bodies in the missionary position) or provide a less cumbersome hold. Fan favorites in this size class include the PalmPower Rechargeable and PillowTalk Cheeky. These smaller and even miniature wands – like the Noje Mini Wand – can also save folks who don’t have the wrist strength or desire to prop up big toys.

And for those of us with a prominent stomach and/or limited reach, wands like the Sola Sync and O-Wand have curved handles for easier application.

Partnered sex with wands can be amazing. Couples who like tribbing or frottage, for example, can slide in a wand to mutual benefit. Wands can often reach one’s genitals when one’s hand – or smaller toys – can’t do so comfortably, like during doggy style The broad head and flexible neck found on many wands can make it easier to direct vibrations where you need them.

With sex toy mounts – like the Liberator Axis, Bonbon, or Wanda – wands can become a literal fixture in one’s sex life. Position aids can hold a wand in place for someone with limited mobility, or they can be used to keep a wand stable during partnered sex or masturbation in interesting positions.

Wands can even make great kink implements. Powerful vibrations can set the stage for “forced” orgasm scenes, where a partner consents to the onslaught of stimulation until they orgasm compulsively – perhaps even more than once. Add sex furniture or attachments and the negotiated torture possibilities are endless…

I love wands. I love their power, their versatility, and their potential. I love that if I hook up with a new partner, go to a sex party, or even just have a wand at my bedside, there’s more than a decent chance I’ll have use for it – many, many uses for it. At least as long as I’ve remembered to charge it, pack batteries, or have an outlet nearby.

What’s your favorite way to use a wand?

Betty Butch is a queer, sex-positive blogger who reviews pleasure products and writes about identity and kink at bettybutch.com. You can find her on Twitter via @betty_butch.

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