Using a Spreader Bar for the First Time: An Erotic Retelling & Reflections by Phallophile Reviews

The Story

“Pull down your panties and lay over the edge of the bed,” he directed.

I gave him a lustful smile and then complied, eagerly.

“Now close your eyes,” he continued.

Again, I did what he asked; curiosity filled my mind. What would he do to me next?

I heard a rattling from the other side of the room, near the closet where my toy-filled suitcase and all its possibilities awaited.

From the metallic clanking that approached me, I knew he must’ve found the spreader bar.

I’d been skeptical about the idea when he first mentioned it. “I think I’m the last person in the world who needs a spreader bar,” I joked, referring to my overwhelming enthusiasm for penetration.

But he’d thought the experience would be interesting, and I wasn’t opposed, so here we here in a hotel room with a new metal sexcessory to experiment with.

My eyes still closed, I felt him reach down and grasp one of my ankles with his wide hands. In contrast with the metal bar, the cuff was soft, a faux velvet that hugged my ankle.

Then he reached for the other ankle and secured its respective cuff. The adjustable Velcro cuff seemed snug enough. But of course I wanted to test its limits, because I love pushing the boundaries.

So as soon as he finished cuffing me, I tried closing my legs. The cuffs did hold fast, but they weren’t too much farther apart than if I was holding my legs out straight in front of me, so he pushed down the adjustable snaps in the bar and spread me out further. Now we were ready.

Curious, I opened my eyes and saw he was across the room again. “You have a bullet vibe over here?”

“Yeah, it’s in a little black case. Like oval, almost.”

A minute later he was back in front of me, kneeling in front of my spread legs. I liked watching him kneel for me. More than that, I liked seeing his face between my legs. I was already turned on.

As he applied the small vibe I’d been thoroughly testing the past week—the BMS Essential Bullet—to my vulva, I sighed. On the first speed, it was already strong.

He didn’t think it was enough, though. “Is this as high as it goes?”

“No, of course there’s more than one speed. Just hit the button again.”

And then all the force of the third speed was on me, and I wanted to come in front of him, as he watched. I pulled against the spreader bar’s restraints again, testing how well I’d been confined.

“Oh, you’re open all right,” he said in response. He rubbed the vibe down my lips on both sides and I groaned.

“Are you going to get off for me?” he asked.

“Unhhh...,” escaped my lips. “What if I don’t want to yet?”

He just watched. I knew he could tell I was lying, I did want to orgasm soon, because I was wetter than ever and I was starting to tense up rhythmically, my pelvic floor clenching over and over again.

Ten seconds later he gently pushed the vibrator right into my clit and said, “Come. Come for me now.”

I did as I was told, because I love to please, almost as much as I love to orgasm. He waited till I’d gotten off twice in a row, then turned off the vibe and stood up.

My legs still held apart, I strained as I leaned forward, trying to pull him in toward me. “I want your cock now.”

I didn’t have to ask twice. I could feel my clit still throbbing hard as he took off his boxers. Now my feet were closer to the floor, my legs dangling down over the side of the bed, still restrained.

He quickly slid his penis into my wetness. A large part of me wanted to orgasm again, right away, but my abs were doing overtime with our current positioning. It was distracting. I struggled to rearrange the hotel’s feather pillows behind my back, for more lift. I suddenly wished we also had a Liberator pillow that would hold my weight up better.

I was so far gone, though, that I came maybe 20 seconds later, as I focused on his thickness spreading my lips apart, his big cockhead moving against my G-spot.

I trembled so much that I couldn’t hold the position much longer; my ass was moving too close to the edge of the bed. He was hard as ever, but this spreader bar position wasn’t meant for extended use.

Impatient now, he unfastened my cuffs and I wrapped my legs around him, taking him back in me—like we both needed.


If we’d been more forward-thinking in the moment, we could’ve tried several other classic spreader bar positions, like me on my back but legs not over the end of the bed, for spread missionary; or my ass in the air for spread doggy—where the spreader bar improves access.

And of course spreader bars can be used on ankles alone or can bind both wrists and ankles—like if you’re going for that maximum ass-in-the-air look with doggy style.

But what my lover and I did was simple, it was exploratory, it was new. The restraints added something that I wouldn’t have gotten out of normal sex, because I enjoyed both pushing the bar’s limits; and being made to feel exposed, forced (consensually) when he got me off with the vibe.

I liked giving into him, doing what pleased him. And my lover later said he enjoyed knowing I’d do what he asked, plus that he just wanted to look at my open labia as he made me orgasm.

So we played with exposure, and dominance and submission. That still sounds intimidating to me as someone who’s used to pure vanilla sex—but I felt comfortable the whole time, because I knew he’d listen if I needed to stop for any reason. And “fun” was the word he chose to describe our first go with a spreader bar, because bondage really is a form of play.  

Would I use a spreader bar all the time, though? No. The metal bar can be awkward in a lot of positions. But it’s a simple bondage tool that gives a great view (I hear!), supplies that feeling of restraint, and is easy to set up—and then to take off quickly, as he and I found out.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, see the full restraints collection here, including spreader bars plus ankle and wrist cuffs!

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