Unlocking the Senses: An Erotic Retelling by Tawney Seren

My cheek rested against the soft cotton of the sheets, arms outstretched and legs parted as I allowed myself to feel vulnerable and exposed to the darkness of the room. Warmth flooded through me as a strong grasp secured my hands and ankles to the restraints that reached from beneath our bed, the contact leaving my skin far too soon. Already my body craved more touch and a release I had been thinking about from the moment my eyes fell on the new toys we had brought home. I wanted to be ravished and brought to orgasm, desired lips on every inch of my naked body while I was filled.

Instead, the edge of the bed dipped with a sudden presence, a soft kiss planted at the back of my neck before trailing down my spine. Shivers of pleasure cascaded down my body, a moan urged from my lips as I arched my ass into the air and begged for more attention. Behind the kisses, the chain tickler we had purchased earlier teased, tiny metal rings spreading across my bare skin like dozens of soft fingertips. In the darkness, I imagined many hands and lips moving against my body, begging for my release as I was shared and savoured. It kissed at the back of my neck while teeth nippled at my shoulder, trailed down my arms while lips pressed against my lower back. The tickler left my body as lips hovered over the heat between my legs finally, warm breath tantalizing as I sought the intimate kiss promised. Instead, I was left with the cold room, all touch abandoning me a moment later as I fought not to let out a frustrated grumble.

A strong arm tucked under my waist, using the slack from my leg restraints to lift my hips up and slide a soft cushion beneath me. I was open and ready, the Wedge propping me upward with comfort like a prize to be claimed. I loved every moment of it, moaning as I tried to look behind me. His nude body was suddenly against me, a hardness nestling between my spread legs as hands danced along my body, massaging and igniting fire with each caress. His breath was suddenly at my throat, voice heated and dripping with need.

“You’re doing so good.”

The words made my body grind against the Wedge, wrists pulling against the restraints as my need overrode my patience. I needed to hear the words, wanted to hear them when I orgasmed over and over again. Thankfully, my desire was not left unfulfilled, a hand lowering between my open legs. His fingertips were slick with lubrication, the sensation a soft chill against the wet warmth of my need as they dipped inside me. The cool lube quickly heated within, easing the fingers deep as they curled and beckoned my building orgasm. My body was rocking against the movement, arms straining as I used the resistance to derive even more pleasure. There was a shift and the fingers were replaced with something much thicker. I stilled for a moment, breath hitching as the cock sunk inside me inch by inch, filling every bit of me. The arch of the Wedge angled my body perfectly, my g-spot caressed and rubbed with each powerful thrust. I cried out in pleasure, large hands behind me holding onto my hips as I was secured in place and the speed quickened.

My pleasure built with each passing second, using the tightness from the restraints to grab onto as my body was filled. Our moans matched as the movements became more erratic and control started to falter. I was carried over the edge with the next thrust, my orgasm coming in waves that tightened and squeezed against the cock inside me. His orgasm hit them a few moments later, the remaining clenching from my release draining each drop deep inside my body. We stayed there, catching our breath as our bodies slowly came down from what had just transpired. Reluctantly, he pulled from my body, leaving me satisfied and yet already desiring more.

“You are such a good girl.”

The praise warmed me up once more and I knew it wouldn’t be the end of our toy exploration, not by a long shot.

Tawney is an author, sex educator, and reviewer that loves educating others and herself about the big world of sex. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and doggo, writing to-do lists, and eating candy.

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