Therapeutic Uses for Sex Toys by Solange Ross

There are certain things that women just don't talk about after having a baby - like sex.  Sex can be painful after childbirth, especially if you have an injury or trauma to the pelvic floor muscles during delivery.  Sex can even be painful after having a C-section.  There are also specific pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions and chronic pain conditions including vaginismus, vulvadynia, and vestibulitis which cause the muscles to go into spasm and prevent sexual relations.

What people don't often know about painful sex conditions is that there is treatment.  I practice in a specialized area of physical therapy called "pelvic floor rehabilitation", that treats these conditions.  Many women do not realize that the reason they are having difficulty having sex with their partner is because they have a musculoskeletal condition. The muscles, nerves, fascia, alignment of the pelvis -- it all gets involved.

The pelvic floor muscles need to be stretched, released, re-educated, strengthened like any other muscle group in the body. The body needs to be realigned for good posture. In conjunction with the treatment, there are specific therapeutic devices, also known as sex toys, that can release the pelvic floor muscles. These sex toys are a critical component in a patient's home program.

The crystal wand, dilators, glass dildos, and vibrators are examples of therapeutic devices that we use. The crystal wand is a great tool for self massaging and releasing muscles. Glass dildos can be used for internal stretching and can also be warmed or cooled to help control for pain. Natural lubricants  without alcohols or irritants are great to help with manual techniques. It is very important that exercises and stretches are instructed by a physical therapist and the care is managed by a physician.

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At first thought these toys may tap into your wild side or make you feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable.  However, remember they have a deeper, therapeutic purpose. I happen to think they have beautiful design. When penetration is not possible they can be used for foreplay and intimacy with your partner. Just use your imagination to get creative in the bedroom.

***    Nothing in this article is intended to treat or cure any specific disease.  Always discontinue use of a product if you experience pain that is not within the limits of how you were instructed to use it by your physical therapist or medical professional.  

Solange Ross is a Women's Physical Therapist and Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Expert. She is also the founder of Complete Core NYC.  

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