Tantus Feeldoe Review By Meredith Myers

Tantus Feeldoe Double Dildo Review by Meredith Myers.

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We’ve all been there: fumbling around in the dark in the throes of passion, attempting to use a strap-on but hindered by the seemingly endless number of buckles, rings, and belts necessary to make the experience happen. While one partner attempts to get hitched up to get the party started, the other partner waits, and waits, and even occasionally—we’ve been there too—falls asleep. An intense night of passion falls flat faster than you can say, “fuck me.”

Tantus Feeldoe sex toyEnter the Tantus sex toyFeeldoe, solving strap-on woes everywhere. Developed in 1997, the concept was a simple one: a double-ended dildo that through its design obviates the need for a harness.  This was accomplished by crafting one end to fit into the user’s vagina (“the pony”) with the other end a traditional dildo used for penetration (“the horse”). In addition to providing a means of controlling penetration without a harness, the pony end has the added benefit of stimulating the user’s g-spot. The “saddle” sits in between the pony and the horse and has ridges to massage the user’s clitoris during penetration. There is even a spot in the saddle for optional vibrator insertion. The end result? Both partners enjoy maximal stimulation with minimal effort.

The concept was a simple one and was an immediate success.  Although originally designed for lesbians, the Feeldoe has also been adapted for male use with the pony end inserted into the rectum. For the most part, it has lived up to its initial design expectations. It is far more functional than a traditional strap-on with easier insertion both at the pony and horse ends. Its ease of insertion translates to a more fluid erotic experience without the stop-and-start required to put on a harness. It does indeed stimulate both partners, although not perhaps to the extent that the product envisioned (see below).  

While it certainly has many advantages over the traditional strap-on with harness dildo, there are a few small issues worth noting. First is the issue of control: without a harness, it is difficult to obtain the same level of control during penetration with the Feeldoe alone. As the Feeldoe folks freely admit on their website, women’s pelvic floor muscles are naturally weak and do not initially provide adequate strength to fully guide and maneuver the horse end. They recommend Keigel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (and incidentally also enhance orgasm). Even with conditioning, though, there isn’t the same level of sensation or command over the Feeldoe as with a harness. One solution, although this seems contradictory to its original intent, is to use the Feeldoe with either a strap-on harness or bike shorts. While losing the time factor, it still functions as a “dildo plus” given the pony, saddle, and vibrator features. 

Feeldoe More Dildo
Feeldoe More
Feeldoe Slim Dildo
Feeldoe Slim
Feeldoe Stout Dildo
Feeldoe Stout
Feeldoe Realistic Dildo
Feeldoe Realdoe
Feeldoe Realistic Slime
Feeldoe Realdoe Slim
Feeldoe Vibrating Dildo
Feeldoe Original

Speaking of sensation, this is the second minor issue with the feeldoe—because every woman’s anatomy is slightly different, the one-size-fits-all model of the Feeldoe isn’t suited for all women. They have attempted to compensate for this by modifying the horse end and offering both slim and stout models, though they do not address the pony end—the saddle may not stimulate the g-spot depending on the length of the user’s pelvis. The vibrator helps this, but again, it may not add much to your erotic experience. 

Overall, the Tantus Feeldoe definitely filled a gaping hole in the market (pun intended) and is a necessary part of your dildo collection. Even if it isn’t your primary dildo of choice, its ease of use will quickly make it the best option for situations when time is of the essence, and with a little bit of practice its unique design will take your erotic experience to new levels.


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