Step Back & Breathe: Tips for Quarantine Self-Care


Sometimes life blindsides us with a sudden crisis. Our hands are tied, and we did NOT sign up for this. The spread of coronavirus—and resulting quarantines, work and school closures, and mandated distancing—are a shock, to say the least. It’s natural for anyone who hears this news to feel helpless. Maybe even overwhelmed.

Like so many people, I’ve been trying to cope with big changes, and I want to share a few tips for how to stay well mentally as we hunker down. Adjusting to social distancing and/or quarantine is tough!

Peepshow Toys is my absolute favorite retailer because of their commitment to selling only safe, nontoxic products. For the best sexual wellness. During this uncertain time, we hope you are remaining well and staying as chill as can be.

Tip 1: Step Back. Breathe In, Out, In Again.

Change is hard. Even more so when fear is piled on top of it.

If you’re at home, safe and sound, the best tip for staying sane is simple: Breathe in, breathe out. Then repeat.

Anxiety is pervasive; it takes over your thoughts. So you have to check it. You may want to limit yourself to looking at the news once daily.

The daily routine of every person I know has been interrupted due to COVID-19. Maybe sometimes our daily pre-COVID routine bored us, but it was stable—and comfortable for that reason. Now we’ve gotta create new habits, and it’ll take weeks to really get used to those.

If you’re usually an overachiever: It’s OK to not be so productive. You may be working from home and have tasks that legitimately need to get done; you may have quarantined children to occupy full-time now; or you may have a wide-open schedule due to total work closures. In any of these cases, give yourself time to process the changes. Do what you can, rather than worrying about what you normally would’ve accomplished pre-quarantine.

Tip 2. Rediscover Your Favorite Hobby (Or Pick Up a New One)

If you do have lots more time on your hands, what are you going to do with it?

With a plethora of streaming options to choose from, sure, you might Netflix or Hulu all day long. Or find a million different videos, to fit every interest, on YouTube or Vimeo.

Just watching passively can feel dull after hours and hours, though. Why not rediscover a hobby, pick up a new video game to master, or read that book you wanted to 3 years ago but never found the time for? Create your own Sims household and build their lives; or learn another language online; or sketch your heart out.

Explore your interests and passions! What calls out to you?

Tip 3. Dance, Move, Get Up on Your Feet

For many of us, physical activity makes a world of difference to stress relief. A 5-minute walk feels like a better boost than a cup of coffee to me! Exercise improves mood by producing endorphins, natural feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain.

Non-gym exercise options include:

  • Walking / running (still OK outside if you’re not in a group!)
  • Dancing like crazy to your favorite music playlist (no one is watching, right?)
  • Finding a guided yoga video (for beginners, or not!)

Or you can boost your spirits through another form of exercise…getting sexy.

Tip 4. Sex It Up?: Quarantine Sex Toys

Anxious times tend to cause one of two responses: either killing desire completely, or making you want to get off more—to reduce tension / relieve boredom in quarantine. Both responses are valid.

If you’re in the “more sex, baby” camp, then you’re definitely not alone. Sex toy sales show no sign of letting up as we’re all social-distancing.

And remember: It is much safer to have sex with yourself only right now. Sex with a live-in partner carries a low level of extra risk too, because you’ll very likely be sharing germs with your partner already.

Speaking of low risk, Peepshow Toys’ products are 100% body-safe as always: nontoxic, and functionally nonporous.

If you’re looking for ideas, as a sex toy expert, I strongly recommend these hot newer toys:

Or try out a toy that’s been exceptionally well-reviewed for years:

Pair any of these with a water-based lube, which plays well with all sex toy materials.

Quarantined with a partner? You might also consider BDSM items to make the time pass more smoothly…or roughly, depending on your style.

And if you need protection, see condoms here.

Tip 5. Sort Through Your Camera Roll for the Good Times!

Words to the anxious ones among us:

The world isn’t ending, it’s just changing for a while. And we will adjust.

Instead of focusing on the travel I probably will not be doing in the next six months, or the people I want to spend time with but can’t, I like to look through my camera roll. To remember past trips, past smiles, past good food I’ve eaten. It’s very reassuring.

Another way your phone camera can help: If you’re separated from someone you love, Skype / FaceTime / etc. video chats are essential. You might not be able to touch them, but you can see them react to what you’re saying in real time. That may make them feel more real than just hearing their voice or reading their texts does.


What other quarantine / social distancing tips and tricks are helping you out?



Please note: If you have serious anxiety or depression, we also advise that you seek the help of an experienced professional counselor or psychiatrist! This post is not intended to replace person-to-person support.


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