#SmallBusinessSaturday: Celebrating Uberrime Hand-Crafted Dildos

In 2018, Uberrime's Splendid Dual-Density Dildo rose to fame after receiving rave reviews from revered sex blog HeyEpiphora.com, sitting on the blogger’s list of favorite toys of 2018.

The beauty of Uberrime's hand-crafted methods allowed us to partner with the sex toy manufacturer to create a custom colored dildo mirroring HeyEpiphora.com’s signature color. This limited edition dildo was molded in a shimmery sea green silicone, available during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend.

The dual-density, that is double layered silicone, of this toy lends itself to an experience catered to realism. Its exterior is soft to the touch, with vein-like texture, and is firm when squeezed. In her initial review of the Splendid Epiphora noted, “There is some kind of magic going on with Uberrime’s finish . . . these dildos have a sorta glossy, sorta matte finish that feels lovely.” This version of the dildo, designed for optimal G-spot or prostate stimulation is affably called the Splendid Piph and is handmade in the United States. 

In 2019, Uberrime introduced the softer, realistic Bella that comes in 5 colours, along with larger and smaller versions of the Splendid, and fantasy dildo Xenulith.

Inventor turned sex toy manufacturer Marco Uberrime fashions his line of body-safe dildos and plugs from platinum silicone. All Uberrime dildos are sculpted and molded by hand, so no two toys are identical. The Orlando-based operation was born out of an unexpected request from a friend 4 years ago. “In 2015 I asked a lifelong friend what I could make her son for Christmas. Her reply was blunt: ‘Make him an airplane, and make me a dildo.’” Uberrime recalls, “A few days after that, I was standing in the studio, grinding away at a large chunk of copper, when I received a text: ‘You need to sell these! Send me a few more for my girlfriends! I’ll pay you for them!’ Just like that, my tinkering workspace became a small sex toy business.”

Now, with the help of his son, Uberrime pour themselves into molding body-safe pleasure toys for all forms of play, “The focus at my studio has shifted to sculpting, sourcing body-safe colors and materials, and using those colors like a pallet for eye-popping platinum silicone dildos and other toys. I get to make things completely from scratch, and sculpting new items is my favorite part” says Uberrime.

This Small Business Saturday, we're celebrating the powerhouse that is Uberrime. Shop the collection.

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