Shower Sex: 5 Essential Tools for Steamier Solo & Partner Play

Bathing: it’s something we all do, and it can either be routine—or steamy and sensual. 

So much water equals relaxation (plus easy cleanup after sex!), but also gives you less control than usual. Slippery when wet, indeed. 

Here my recommended tools for making wet play—whether you’re solo or with a partner—as fun and comfortable as possible. 

Long-Lasting Lube 

Water sounds so hot in theory, and feels great on your skin. It can also dry out your mucous membranes! Especially if your shower play involves penetration, a longer-lasting lube is essential.

Check out a hybrid lube if you’re using a silicone sex toy. Sliquid Silk’s silicone content is low enough to not damage any sex toy, and it’ll last longer than water-based lubricant.

Silicone lube is an awesome choice if you’re playing with a nonsilicone toy or having sex with a partner in the water. It’s soooo slick! Silicone lube, like Uberlube and Sliquid Silver, also lasts longest with condoms (most of which come with a minimal amount of silicone lubricant inside).

Easy-to-Grip, Waterproof Vibrators

A nice long shower or bath is the perfect way to squeeze in some “me” time. These body-safe, waterproof vibrators offer a long or easy-grip handle, so it’s easier to masturbate while standing straight up and/or with wet hands:

  • Pillow Talk Sassy and Dorr Silker: These powerful G-spot vibes have curvy heads and ergonomic handles, so you can angle them easily for clitoral stimulation. Sassy is more flexible, while Silker provides hard, firm pressure. 
  • Fun Factory Volta: This unique, flippy-tipped vibe has a loop base for secure grip as you enjoy its rumbly vibrations. 
  • VeDO Wanda: A strong, waterproof wand vibe with a flexible neck and tapered handle. 
  • Fun Factory Manta: This penis vibe is ideal for teasing and stroking, with its penetrating vibes and loop handle.

Waterproof Foam Mat

Screwing in the shower requires balance. If you’re not the most coordinated person in the word (*waves hand*), then going down on your partner is ten times less awkward. But because you’re kneeling on ceramic or tile, this can get hard on the knees. I recommend investing in a waterproof foam mat, available in the gardening section of any large superstore or home goods center. 

You’ll be able to kneel and give head more comfortably, or get a better view while fingering your partner. Kneeling also gives your thighs a break if you’ve gone a little too hard while using a suction cup dildo, next. 

Comfortable Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos can be super-fun, hands-free penetration. But you may need to do a little experimenting! The size and layout of your shower definitely make a difference as far as how you’re able to approach a suction cup dildo. 

I typically recommend suction cup dildos that are: 

  • Longer (6” insertable or more), so you have more room to work with and you’re not literally banging your head (or ass) against the wall. 
  • More flexible, for comfort as you thrust. Blush Neo Elite, NS ColourSoft, and BMS Addiction David stand out here.

Towels: Or, the Best-Laid Plans...

Imagine you and your partner are taking a shower and and things start heating up. Touching, kissing, and groping proceed into more. Then someone starts giving a blowjob and gets water in their eyes. Or you’re trying to get intimate against the shower wall...and the positioning just isn’t right. Your depth and thrusts are truly limited. 

When all else fails, the best shower sex tool is...a towel. Dry off and move to the bedroom, where you’ll be free to move around, recline, and let your desires run wild. 


Phallophile Reviews explores body-safe silicone sex toys, from thrusting dildos to G-spot vibes to squishy butt plugs. Follow the author, Felicity, on Twitter or Insta for her latest toy adventures.

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