Sex Toys for Transgender & Gender-Diverse Folks by Betty Butch

I spent the last night of Pride Month straddling my Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand (colloquially called the Hitachi, a remnant from its previous branding) is not just one of the strongest sex toys around… it’s also one of the queerest. While not made specifically for us, the queer and trans community has made the Magic Wand an unofficial icon of LGBT pleasure through decades of enthusiasm. It’s everywhere: on indie porn sets, replicated in handmade jewelry sold on Etsy, tattooed on that blue-haired enby you saw at a march last weekend… 

Most importantly, it’s in the bedside table drawer of countless trans folks’ bedrooms, in large part because it can be used on any body type to great effect. Vulva, phallus, HRT or no, it doesn’t matter: the Magic Wand can rock your world. (If you enjoy strong, deep-reaching vibrations, anyway.)

Almost all of the toys I’m going to talk about in this article are like the Magic Wand: not created specifically for trans people, but great for trans sex because they’re versatile, or because they offer pleasure in ways that are less likely to trigger dysphoria. It’s important to note that trans folks have diverse preferences just like our cis peers, so our sex toy needs are just as varied. This list isn’t a roadmap… it’s just a handful of stops worth considering.

Versatile Toys: Toys for Every Body

I would argue that a vast majority of sex toys can be used by anyone (especially vibrators), but these are a few that I think are especially versatile. 

Enby: Rub it, wrap it, or grind – the Enby is different from basically every other toy on this list because it was made specifically to include trans folks!

Fun Factory Volta / Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power: The fluttering limbs of these vibrators can be used to stimulate, flick, stroke, or envelope genitals both long and short.   

Jopen Pave Liz / Marvelous Massager / Aria Finger Vibrator: These vibrators are made to be held and rubbed over one’s junk. This lessens unwanted hand-to-genitals contact for those who want to get off without getting touchy.

And of course penetration toys like dildos and butt plugs can be used by anyone who enjoys internal stimulation. (Though make sure any toy you put in your butt has a flared base!)

Toys for People with Penises 

Penis Pleasure

When it comes to toys for large clits / girldicks / phalluses, transgender women and nonbinary folks are often looking for something less manual than a fleshlight-styled stroker. Any kind of vibrator can be used (especially on or framing the frenulum), but I have several more specific recommendations! 

Hands-Free Vibrators: Vibrating toys that can be used hands-free and – in most circumstances – on flaccid parts, allow transfeminine people to enjoy stimulation without having to continuously interact with their body. Not requiring an erection to function means the toys are HRT-friendly.

There are several options made by Hot Octopuss, including the Hot Octopus Jett and Hot Octopus Pocket Pulse. Fun Factory offers the Cobra Libre II.

Penis Wands: These are vibrators especially designed for pleasuring longer bits, allowing the user to cradle or caress their clit. They are generally looser-cupping than wand attachments, which can make them an appealing alternative for sensitive bodies.

Currently, there are two penis-specific vibrators, the Fun Factory Manta, and the unfortunately named “Man” Wand.

Vibrating Masturbators: While not all trans women and transfeminine enbies are comfortable with “jerking off,” there are a number of strokers that are a welcome departure from the traditional. 

Delightfully, these masturbators have a splash of pink and feature non-realistic silicone insides: Maia Piper, Falcon Ninja, and the Nalone Oxxy

Wands and Wand Attachments: Caps elevate wand vibrator use by better encircling the user’s body with vibrations, simultaneously providing cushioning from their ferocity and better distributing them for stroking. 

For the O Wand, there’s the O Wand O Gasm, and for Le Wand, there’s the Le Wand Loop.

For more sensitive, HRT-impacted genitals, the Noje Mini Wand and its attachment heads are a gentler alternative for frenulum stimulation.

For Muffing

Penetrating the inguinal canals can be incredibly pleasurable and affirming for pre/non-op trans women and transfeminine enbies. How much one’s holes can be stimulated depends on the individual, so my recs start small.

Bullet Vibrators: These small, slim vibrators are an ideal fit – literally – for muffing. Hard plastic vibes will likely be easier to safely maneuver into place. 

The We-Vibe Tango is the gold standard for bullet vibes, starting off fairly gentle but building to be arguably the strongest vibrator of its size. The Exposed Nocturnal is a thicker, buzzier bullet that starts strong and goes from there.

Dildos: The width and depth of the canals varies, but it’s best to stick to finger-sized toys. Multi-toy dildo kits are a great option because they allow for sizing up as comfort allows. 

Temptasia Twist Kit is a set of petite dildos, with the smallest being half as thick as a finger and the largest two fingers thick. Uberrime makes the Minima set for experimenting with different shapes, and offers several densities.

Toys for People with Vulvas 

Clitoris Pleasure

The sex toy industry already puts most of its focus on products for AFAB bodies, but trans men and transmasculine enbies often prefer pleasures outside of rabbits and lipstick vibes. (I know I do.) Luckily there are lots of options for dicks / tdicks / clitorises.

Air Pulsation: These toys are a world apart from vibrators (though some offer vibration too.) It doesn’t require much hands-on manipulation to get into place and zeroes it on the clitoris. Air puffs and pulsates around the encased bits, and to many users it can feel like suction.

Satisfyer’s versions have the most accommodating openings. Satisfyer Traveler has a wide but short opening, Satisfyer Pro 3 has a wide and deep opening, and the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the most narrow.

“Couples” Vibrators: For folks who don’t mind using their front hole, vibrators intended for PIV sex can often be used independently for hands-free stimulation, because the bulk of the vibrator rumbles against their junk. 

The We-Vibe Match and We-Vibe Sync both include a remote control, for even less direct touch.

Lay-On Vibrators: This subset of vibrators are made for straddling, humping, and grinding. This allows transmasculine folks the opportunity to rut in a way that often feels more natural. 

Vibrators that meet this criteria include Fun Factory’s Layla II, the earlier-mentioned Enby from Wildflower, and the UK-made Ruby Glow.

Pumps: Pumps can be used practically - to engorge one’s junk for more satisfactory results with transmasc toys, for example - or they can be an end of their own. Feathering the pump for bursts of suction can feel like being blown. 

The Temptasia Clit & Nipple Pump has several cylinder sizes, and a larger size can be purchased separately. 

While not a pump, the BJ Dildo from Number One Laboratory functions much the same - you just need someone to suck on it.

Strokers: While strokers are more commonly associated with penises, there are several made specifically for clitorises (mostly for those enlarged by testosterone) or meta cocks. The most famous of transmasculine strokers (the Buck Off series) aren’t body-safe, but luckily there are silicone alternatives from several indie makers. 

Gendercat offers both the Fascination Sleeve and GenderMender GenderExtender, and the New York Toy Collective has the Jack 2-in-1 Stroker. Fantasy options include Labiova Majora from Xenova Synthesis, the Micro Rei from Phoenixflame Forge, and the Eel from A Krow’s Nest.

For Harness Sex 

Many trans men and transmasculine enbies use strap-on harnesses solo or with a partner; it can be incredibly gender-affirming to receive pleasure while doing so. Inserts like the Enby or Bumpher can enhance stimulation while wearing a harness, and dildos that vibrate can offer secondhand buzzing. Some harnesses, like the Temptasia Briefs and Squareparts Joque, come with pockets specifically to hold vibrators for the wearer. And of course, for people who don’t mind using their front hole, there’s also double dildos like the Feeldoe Realdoe, Fun Factory Sharevibe, and the Vibrating Union.

I’m trans and I review sex toys for a living, but it’s impossible for me to know of every last toy and usage method for transgender folks (though trust me, I’m trying.) This list almost exclusively focused on pre/non-op trans people and genitals-based play, which in and of itself showcases how limited I was in my suggestions. But as I said, this isn’t an exhaustive map; it’s merely a rec list to get the juices flowing. 

And if all else fails to catch your interest, there’s always the ever-iconic Magic Wand. Happy Pride! 

Betty Butch is a queer, sex-positive blogger who reviews pleasure products and writes about identity and kink at You can find her on Twitter via @betty_butch.

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