Public Discretion: Sex Toys You Can Wear Outside the House by: Phallophile Reviews

March 21 2018, 1 Comment


Sex in public...Does it sound thrilling to you? 

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then using sex toys in public might interest you! This way, you can satisfy your fantasies of being sexual in new and interesting places without possibly being charged with public indecency. Here are some ideas to explore!

1.  Butt Plugs

Wearing a plug out to the store (or to work?) is a simple, hassle-free way of toying in public. If you are planning on wearing a plug long-term, make sure to get something with a T-bar base. I highly recommend the b-Vibe Snug Plugs because the silicone-coated base is incredibly comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time. Also, the weights inside make you remember that the plug is there when you move around. 

The Njoy Pure Plugs are super popular if you’re looking for even more pressure—so you don’t forget you’re plugged. These stainless-steel plugs have a ring-shaped base that most still comfortable to wear for a couple hours or more. 

If you are looking to wear a plug for more than an hour or so, you’ll want a longer-lasting lube. Silicone lubes like Sliquid Silver and Uberlube, and oil-based lubes like The Butters, work great with metal toys. Or, for your silicone plugs, try a silicone hybrid or a thicker water-based. Remember, if your plug starts to feel uncomfortable, it’s probably time to relube and/or give your butt a break.

Remote-controlled vibrating butt plugs are now an option, too: the Nexus Ace, for one, has six vibration modes that can be controlled up to 24 feet away from the wearer. Or check out the FemmeFunn Marley, which has a forward curve and ridges for extra stimulation, and is self-heating! (It’s also the cheapest remote-controlled insertable toy on this list.) The Marley may be used either anally or vaginally—speaking of which…

2.  Remote-Controlled Vaginal Vibes

Being able to control your partner in public (or anywhere, really) is a hugely popular fantasy. We-Vibe’s new Jive remote-controlled G-spot vibe was created with this in mind. The We-Connect app lets you create your own patterns and cede control—or not—to your partner’s mobile device. The Jive’s vibrations are concentrated in the insertable section; the “tail” is an antenna that remains outside.

The We-Vibe Sync may work better for people with vulvas who are looking for dual stimulation: inside and outside. The Sync was designed for use during penis-in-vagina sex, but it can be worn as a hands-free, app-controlled device outside the bedroom too. I hear that the external, clit-stimulating arm is quite rumbly (= has powerful, penetrating vibrations). Or, the We-Vibe Unite is the Sync’s less-expensive sibling: it has one motor rather than two, is splashproof instead of fully waterproof, and is remote-controlled only (instead of either app- or remote-controlled).

When using any vibe in public, you might consider starting in a louder environment—like a popular, crowded restaurant on a busy night—to test the noise level. Having the vibe in place when you leave home is easiest, but you can also insert and/or reconnect in a public bathroom.1

Occasionally this kind of app-controlled vibe (like the Jive or the Sync) will run into Bluetooth connectivity issues. You’ll need to reconnect, and experiment to find the limits of your phone’s Bluetooth connection with the vibe.  

3.  Panty Vibes

If you or your partner want just external clit stimulation, then a panty vibe is what you need. Noise levels are usually louder with external vibes, so again, test beforehand and use in a crowded area if you want to disguise the volume. One other possible challenge is fit. Some people prefer wearing their own underwear to the lacy thongs typically included in panty vibes, for greater coverage and possibly more comfort, depending on your body type.

Panty vibes are great for teasing. Depending on how sensitive the wearer is, they may or may not produce an orgasm on their own—some clits need more pressure and more intense vibration than others. 

Here are some quality, rechargeable options:   

The Screaming O My Secret Panty Vibe includes a lacy thong (available in three colors), the Charged Vooom Bullet, and a remote-control ring. The vibrator is reasonably strong and rumbly, with three steady settings and seven patterns that can be controlled from a distance—up to 50 feet.2

The Sensuelle Remote Control Bullet the most affordable vibrating option on this list. (Note that underwear isn’t included with this one.) The vibe is surprisingly strong and is silicone-coated, versus the slick plastic of the Charged Vooom. 

Finally, Ohmibod’s Club Vibe 3.OH is unique in that its vibrations can sync with the music (or any noises) around you, with its “Club Mode.” It also has a “Tease Mode,” as well as five preset vibration patterns.

Using sex toys in public may sound dangerous: something to get your heart racing. From butt plugs to remote-controlled clit and vaginal vibes, there are more and more options for discreet public play. Talk to your partner about what they might like, or pick one out for yourself—either way, have fun exploring!


1.I strongly suggest keeping the vibe in a sealed plastic bag and washing your hands first if you go for public insertion.

2.Like with Bluetooth vibes, interruptions can occur, especially if something (someone?) comes between the wearer and the controller.