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Sex in public...Does it sound thrilling to you? 

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then using public sex toys might interest you! This way, you can satisfy your fantasies of being sexual in new and interesting places without possibly being charged with public indecency. Here are some ideas to explore...

I’ll run through three super-sexy toy types for public wear—the best for your butt, vag, and/or clit, based on my experience and extensive feedback from other pro reviewers and normal toy users! Here's why each is sexy in a different kinda way.

Butt Plugs in Public

Wearing a plug out to the store (or to work?) is a simple, hassle-free way of toying in public. The anal canal is a vacuum, so butt plugs are sure to stay in place securely. If you are planning on wearing a plug long-term, make sure to get something with a T-shape base (not a round one, as round and heart-shape bases are prone to rub uncomfortably).

Public plug wearing is a huge turn-on for many because it feels extra-naughty. It also delivers a sensation of constant fullness. Especially if you get one of these weighted, wide, and/or rolling plugs:

  • The Njoy Pure Plugs have a weight you need to feel to believe. The stainless steel always reminds you that you’re plugged. Most users find the ring-shape base helps them insert the Pure Plugs’ beautiful curve. This is my top pick for most scandalous plug for public wear.
  • Egg Plugs by SquarePegToys® are deliciously squishy, for anal comfort and squeeeezability all day long. The polar opposite of the Njoy Pure Plugs’ firm weight, SquarePeg Eggs are Super(Duper!)Soft Bronze silicone. They’re a joy to clench around—they bend with your body and become almost like part of your butt. But they can also stretch the anal canal (and all its nerve endings!) as much as you want it—because Egg Plugs come in nine different sizes. 
  • Oxballs Ergo Plugs are also soooo soft and comfy. And the bases are slightly wider than Egg Plugs, so Ergo feels like a warm squishy hug for your butthole!
  • b-Vibe Snug Plugs are hot too because they have weighted balls inside—they jiggle! If you’re dancing or walking fast, this unique & fun movement is easiest to feel. The thin necks and wide bases add up for comfort long-term too. Snug Plugs are a dream to sit on, a perfect, slender fit between the butt cheeks.

Butt plug in public best

Public butt plug tips: Remember, butt plugs require lube! For longest-lasting power, check out The Butters, which is soooo slick and doesn’t dry up. If your plug ever starts to feel uncomfortable, it’s time to relube and/or give your booty a break.

Remote-Controlled Vaginal Vibes

Being able to control your partner in public (or anywhere, really) is a hugely popular fantasy. How turned on will they get… Will they make any noise? Can you make them squirm? And as the person being remote-controlled, you get to learn what it feels like to be really turned on in public; to have your pulse race at the thought of what your partner will do to you next.

Wearable vibrators that fit inside the vagina tend to be quieter than external vibes—which is a plus if you want to be discreet in a quiet setting. Some public-play enthusiasts also think that having something inside (rather than outside) their bodies makes them feel sexiest.

Public sex toys insertable remote control vibrator

The best remote vaginal vibes are also app-controlled, so you get a lot more functions and customization through the app. The strongest and most penetrating of these are:

  • OhMiBod’s Esca 2 is the ruuuumbliest vaginal vibe—great if want vibrating waves that travel deeper. This toy rests on the G-spot, while the flexible tail wraps around toward the clit. Would highly recommend the partner-play functions, like Tap! Walking on a street, late at night, with Esca being controlled inside…This vibe has been a hot adventure for me!
  • The We-Vibe Chorus is also deep and powerful for a wearable—but it presses on the clitoris too! This C-shape vibrator has two strong motors, one outside and one inside. Chorus is seriously versatile: it can be worn outside the house (inside tight, spandex-style shorts for closest fit!); or as a couples vibe, to stimulate both penis and vagina during sex. This is definitely the best "couples" wearable vibe around—it does so much. 
  • Or, the We-Vibe Jive is a slim vaginal-only vibe that offers similar app control and includes a handheld remote too (just not a squeeze-activated one like Chorus, above!).

Finally, weighted kegel balls are the simplest kind of vaginal toy for public play—an excellent intro, because you don’t need to worry about changing speeds or noise level. Satisfyer Balls are an affordable, silicone choice that I recommend first: the moving balls inside are most noticeable when you’re walking or shaking your hips! They’re not as powerful as a good vaginal vibrator, but more sensitive users can easily find themselves turned on long-term by the rocking, rolling weight and the feeling of holding Satisfyer Balls inside.

Public vaginal toy tips: Occasionally app-controlled vibes may run into Bluetooth connectivity issues. You’ll need to reconnect the toy to the phone, and possibly reposition the external section (where the antenna is). If you’re using a We-Vibe wearable with app control, the non-Bluetooth remote also gives you a lot of speed options with less potential for signal interference. Also, vaginal toys may start to feel heavy after a while. Bring a storage pouch along with you in case you want to remove the toy at any point.

Panty Vibes for Clitoral Play

If you’re most turned on by clitoral stimulation, then a panty vibe is the way! These remote-controlled vibes give lots of sensation to the clitoris, the most sensitive erogenous zone for most.

Panty vibes are great for teasing while out and about. They may or may not be orgasmic while you’re out—some clits do need more pressure, or more power, than others.

Public sex toys best vibrating panties 2020

These are the top 4 most powerful panty vibrators around right now:

  • The We-Vibe Moxie is hands-down the best-fitting panty vibrator. Moxie has a unique magnetic clip that actually keeps it on your clit, so it doesn’t move away / wiggle around inside underwear. The vibes are quite deep and there are 130 built-in preset functions—plus either remote control (included) or app control through We-Connect.
  • The Screaming O My Secret Panty Vibe is an affordable option that’s fairly strong and much more rumbly than any other vibe under $50. The kit includes a lacy thong and a remote-control ring. The Charged Vooom Remote Bullet in this set has three steady settings and seven patterns that can be controlled from up to 50 feet away!
  • Nu Sensuelle's Pleasure Panty Kit is very strong for a panty vibe. It's also the only remote control vibe where the actual remote is synced to vibrate along with the wearable vibe—so that the person controlling the vibrations can understand what their partner is feeling. Its strength is great for a noisier setting...or for using at home while you're Netflix-and-chilling. 
  • The BMS Leaf+ Spirit is my personal favorite panty vibe because it’s stronger than We-Vibe Moxie but has a saddle shape, so one side is wider than other panty vibes. The other end is more focused, so you have stimulation options! The remote control is simple to use. This is a great choice if you want power and don’t want to have to deal with an app.

Public panty vibrator tips: Noise levels are usually louder with external vibrators, so test beforehand, to see how quiet an area you need to use the vibe in. Crowded restaurants and clubs should be loud enough to disguise any noise. Having the vibrator in place when you leave home is easiest, but you can also insert and/or reconnect in a public bathroom. With panty vibrators, many people prefer wearing their own underwear to the lacy thongs typically included in such kits. (This is why We-Vibe Moxie was made to fit inside any normal underwear!) That way, you get a better, more comfortable fit.

Get Your Pulse Racing…

Using sex toys in public may sound dangerous: something to get your heart racing. To tease and to play, while out and about—these toys are perfect for a hot date night or for adding a spark to routine trip anywhere outside the house. From butt plugs to remote-controlled clit and vaginal vibes, the options for discreet public play have practically exploded over the last few years. Talk to your partner about what they might like, or pick one out for yourself—either way, have fun exploring!

Find our full public sex toys collection here.

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About the author: Felicity of rates the best body-safe sex toys—including app-controlled vibrators!

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